As JWs, ever met any annointed ?

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  • tijkmo

    my estranged wifes granda was one as was her granma but i never met her....would do route calls with him when he was nearly ninety..struggled to keep up with him...when asked to say a prayer at meetings he would be belled and told to stop because he would start giving a talk...went senile and violent in his 90s to the extent that his own truly believing son doubts whether he is in heaven

    met karl klein when he gave memorial in scarsdale....he sat for it

    got pic taken with carey barber on bethel tour in 80s..called me scotty

    quite a few in glasgow during 80/90 but didnt know them well

  • donald

    yes i used to go one a bible study with one.....she taught me a very important lesson...

    we went to a hispainc family house...they were so poor that the house had a dirt floor...and i did not want to go there....she said ok but she would not take me there or anywhere else as long as i had a self rightoues attitude.....( i was preety uppity about it.....) after a few weeks of not going anywhere with her i relented and learend...that im not any better than anyone else....donald

  • Honesty
    But did you partake of the bread/wine as a JW? Where did you disagree with them and got accused as an apostate supposedly? I got hounded for disagreeing with blood policy, the 1914 generation, and FDS dictatorial mindset, that was back in the eighties. I disassociated.

    Never partook as a JW because something didn't feel right (that's an understatement) about the memorial. I only started partaking a few months after I disfellowshipped the WTBTS for apostasy. I told two elders that the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses are apostates, are not a faithful discrete slave, twist the scriptures to fit their current 'new light' and Jesus does not know them. I don't know nor care what they did or said after that bit of information I imparted to them. One elder in another congregation who still talks with me asked why the scriptures are alive to annointed people and all I can say is read 1 John 2:26-27. Some people call us freaks, neurotic, crazy, etc. When a person knows they give up everything to Christ and don't look back longing for the things they left behind. If you are you know it without a doubt. Jesus controls how the Holy Spirit acts in you because the Father has given Him authority over the universe and He can withdraw it if He sees fit.

  • pratt1

    I knew 1 very well.

    One was an elderly black brother who had lived through Jim crow and many unthingable attrocites because of hi race. He was a gentle man an admitted that the Dub were actually behind the "world" when it came to its position on racism. He actually study with my father for about a year and then told my father he needed to get baptised. Since he was like a father figure to my dad, he agreed and began going over the 80?uestion you need to anwer before you can baptized. When after anwering every question right, they aked my dad if he believed that this wa the true religion. In a very loud and forceful voice my dad aid - HELL NO!, I am only doing thi to keep my wife happy.

    Needles to ay the stopped my dad from getting baptized. Was'nt he lucky. Unfortunately the old annointed brother nearly fell out of hi chair and refused to speak to my dad every agin.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I met a couple of nuts in the Spanish congregations I've attended that claim to be annointed.

    These are people that do not show any holiness in their personal life or in their dealings with others.

    I believe they must be confused, or their medication is having a weird effect on them.


  • FairMind

    There are three that I can think of. One was an elderly sister from Czechoslovakia (died years ago) who was a sweet old lady. Another was an elder in Georgia congregation. They stopped using him on Judicial Committees due to his Hanging Judge mentality. Finally there was the brother who along with his wife studied with my wife and me. He and his wife (both lifetime JWs) faded out of the WTS around 1977. This was out of shame for the callous (no apology) attitude the WTS had concerning their false 1975 teaching.

  • bronzefist

    1.Knew one of these.

    schizophrenic, severely depressed "sisters" that insisted they were annointed (although most of them kept getting disfellowshipped for f*cking everything with a male appendage), but it was the deemunz that made them do it.

    2. A "brother" who claimed to be for the longest time, but quit "partaking" after his daughter was DF'd.

    3. A lovely older "sister" who married a fantasic CO after his wife passed away. He was asked to step down after the marriage. ???????

    I did a very small favor for them. After which they would always come up to warmly greet me at assemblies. It was a change from a CO getting his "ring" kissed by the masses.

  • undercover

    Yep, I knew one She was just an average JW housewife who aux. pioneered once in a while. She was very quiet and unassuming. Hardly ever commented at meetings. Even as a kid I never quite got the connection in how she was 'anointed' and considered more special than the rest of us even though she never really did anything but go to meetings, assemblies and go out in service once a week. Most people who moved into the congregation were surprised when she partook of the wine and bread at the memorial. Only then did they learn she was of the anointed.

  • outoftheorg

    Yes. I knew this lady very well. She entered the jw world around 1920.

    She was very emotional and just loved Old Joe Rutherford. She never missed a meeting and went out in the service regularly. She was wracked with feelings of guilt and self shame. Other than that she was a very nice kind loving person.

    She longed for armageddon, to ease her pain and let her live in a perfect world, forgiven for her past.

    She passed away in 1974, just missed the projected date of destruction 1975. Even with all of her tenacious belief in the wbts and its ranting and raving leaders, I miss her very much.

    If she knew me today, she would be devastated. I wonder if she would speak to me?

    She was my mother. Sobing.


  • freedom96

    I was a kid at the time, and I really did not think about them that much at all. I met a few, but they seemed no different to me.

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