Born in San Antonio, Texas I grew up in Ventura, California where I became one of Jehovah's Witnesses at the age of 15 in 1973. I moved to West Texas after graduating High School to serve where the need was greater living in Lamesa then Snyder. I was appointed a Pioneer in St George, Utah in 1978. After a brief return to California I settled in Weatherford, Texas and lived there from 1978 to 2000. I was appointed a Ministerial Servant in 1980. I stopped Pioneering in 1982 when disfellowshipped and reinstated at the same Judicial Committee meeting for lying about my time in field service. In 1984 I began dating a non Witness and disassociated myself before having sex with her. I did not want to bring reproach on Jehovah's Organization. At the time I thought that I would live with Debbie until I was killed by Jehovah at Armageddon. After she dumped me I was reinstated in late 1985 or early 1986. I was disfellowshipped for the final time in 1988 for lying about having sex. I no longer feel the need to lie. Guilt free sex! Whoo Hoo! I had intended to get reinstated a third time when I read Crisis of Conscience in 1990. Raymond Franz's book helped me understand that the Watchtower was built on a load of crap. I associated with the Bible Students for a couple of years, then looked into Messianic Judaism which is Christianity with Hebrew names. Yeshua instead of Jesus Chanukah and Passover instead of Christmas and Easter. From my study of first century Christianity and Judaism I came to the conclusion that the Greek Scriptures misrepresented Judaism at best and at worst told complete lies. For five years I practiced Judaism and that is still the religion I admire the most. At present I am an Atheist.I do not think the supernatural exists. This world and this life is all there is. So as the old beer commercial said, Grab all the gusto you can. The purpose of life is to be happy. Make your own decisions and live your life for your own sake. NEVER LIVE FOR ANOTHER PERSON.