Kill the Kid, Now That's Justice! (WT 5/15/05 QFR)

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  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    swift breeze:

    It's not that I can't 'listen' to another persons 'interpretation' of the Bible. The problem is you and anyone else may 'interpret' things any way you like. But don't expect others (me specifically) to buy into it and live my life by it. I spent 12 years of my life (wasted is more appropriate) living according to somebody elses rules because according to thier 'interpretation' of the Bible, they are supposedly 'God's sole channel of communication to mankind on earth.

    I won't fall for that BS again. I'd rather live according to my own interpretation of life. Then at least I'll only have myself to blame if I'm wrong. I can live with that.

    As for being annointed to serve on the writing committee, Ex-Bethalites can tell you more about that. An incredible hulk is probably is great aid to bible understanding though

    Absolutely no offense intended. I just don't believe that the Bible is God's inspired word anymore.

  • adelmaal

    The Bible was pretty clear on the matter in this scripture. The blow was struck directly by God according to the account.

    I am more and more so getting to the point where I believe the Bible is a book written and then translated by men, which leaves lots of room for error. It's an imperfect book written by imperfect men. I refuse to believe that God would kill an innocent child because the dad is a butthead...

    I do believe in a loving God and I do believe for the most part that it was inspired by God. I'm not going to twist what's said in the Bible to make it fit my view of a perfect God though... The Bible says what is says and that to me means I need to take what I want and leave the rest behind just as I do with anything written by a man or woman for that matter.

    I prefer to look at God through rose colored glasses and I know that's an idealistic view. Kind of funny because I usually tend to be more realistic.

    I believe we are inherently good and therefore it makes sense to me that our Creator is also inherently good. I do not believe that just because a man wrote something awful about God and it happened to make it into the Bible that it must be so. Many men have done and said awful things in the name of God (9/11 is a good example).

  • Jez

    Every event like this in the bible was written by man to put the fear of God into mankind. Welcome to the greatest collection of fairy tales ever written. Yes, perhaps loosely based on some actual event, but then expounded on for one purpose only. Believe these fairy tales and religion has got you in it's snare.

    Adam and Eve

    Noah and the Great Flood

    David's son getting killed by God

    God sending a bear out of the woods to eat children

    Jezebel getting eaten by dogs


    The big bad wolf (opps, got confused there for a min)

    etc, etc, etc, etc,..............................................................

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Jez, you got eaten by dogs?!?! Sounds terrible.

  • Ring Wielder
    Ring Wielder

    David was he was above the law...well...being judged by human judges anyway...God judged him and because he was repentant...he got away with it.

    Pity all those common Israelite peasants wha had a repentant heart but who had the bad fortune to be tried by the human judges. "We dont give a damn if you're sorry, Gods law states... an eye for an eye....take him away and give him a good stoning!"

    So this is the principle elders follow with their kids and the publishers kids!

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Hey Ring, welcome to the forum! I hear you about the double standard. One of my ongoing rants is how the WBTS just hates kids, seems they had good examples to follow in that department.

  • Jez

    But boy oh boy, what fun I had before hand......

  • rebel8
    will someone please tell me why are you taking it out on the jw..for what is in all bibles

    I think I can answer that question, at least from my own viewpoint. Why is this a JW problem?

    1. Because they accept what is said in this scripture and teach it is true.

    2. Because they teach that God was more just than what the human judges would have in store for David (obviously not true).

    3. Because they chose to accept the Bible created by the Catholic church at the Council of Trent rather than at least trying to check if there were additional holy books that may shed some light on the confusing aspects of the Catholic bible, such as this topic.

    4. Because they prohibit independent thinking which would allow anyone who believes in the Christian God to come to the reasonable conclusion that either all the Bible is not present in our modern version of it, or some of it is not inspired by an infallible God.

    While this problem may arise in other religions too, that doesn't make the JWs innocent or right.

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