Kill the Kid, Now That's Justice! (WT 5/15/05 QFR)

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  • Cardinal Fang
    Cardinal Fang

    So let me get this straight:... in either scenario the baby would be screwed, but it's more 'just' that an innocent child dies alone than along with the 'guilty parties'... 'perfect is his way' indeed

    This from the people who condemn abortion, but who consider it 'God's will' that an unborn child should face death along with its mother for want of a blood transfusion (I know - I was that foetus )

  • Dragonlady76
    Jehovah must have viewed this intense remorse in David's heart as an evidence of genuine repentance and decided, that there was a basis for showing mercy to the wrongdoers. Moreover, David himself was a merciful person, and Jehovah shows mercy to the merciful. (1 Samuel 24:4-7; Matthew 5:7; James 2:13) Hence, when David acknowledged his sin, Nathan told him: "Jehovah, in turn, does let your sin pass by. You will not die."-2 Samuel 12:13.

    Per quote Joe Hoba is merciful....right?

    David and Bath-sheba were not to escape all consequences of their sin. "Because you have unquestionably treated Jehovah with disrespect by this thing," Nathan told David, "also the son himself, just born to you, will positively die." Their child grew sick and died

    Ok so Joe Hoba looks inside Davids heart and sees genuine repentance for his trasngression, yet the merciful Joe Hoba then still sees it fit to punish David by taking the life of an innocent baby born of this affair? *Contradiction?* How can the merciful and all mighty Alpha and Omega kill an innocent child? This would prove that the god of the bible is a petty egotistical being made up by man, once again there is no logic here just contradictions, that should be enough proof to show the bible was written by man. If I were a JW I would ask myself "Can I truly worship a god that kills children?"


  • Spook

    Thank god I'm an atheist!

    And as a side note, if *divine justice* permits him to make an excetpion with David, then he could have made an exception with original sin and not held humanity responsible. Furthermore, since Jesus (according to the synoptics) was born through spirit rape of a virgin, he was not of the line of David through inheritance from his father anyway.

  • Satanus

    If this is the perfect way, better than killing the guilty adults, then why does the wt not apply it today? Let's say an elder gets it on w jw lady and she gets pregnant, instead of dffing them, or just the lady, why not df the baby? Yes, dffing the baby is the perfect way, jehovah's way.

    The elders could have their judicial committee waiting in the hospital room. After the birth, they could act swiftly in pronouncing the dffing on the baby. Then, the following week, it could be announced at the servic meeting that the baby of the offending parents was dffd. This would serve to protect all in the cong, especially the sisters who so adore new babies, from staining their christian record by having any contact w the unholy result of sin. Why has this never been done?

    S *heh heh*

  • jeanniebeanz

    these people, and their god are sick in the head. there is no line of reasoning that could excuse this action on the part of their 'loving god'.

    more likely, bathsheba was so stressed out during the illegitimate pregnancy and the murderous act precipitating her marriage to the king, that she made the baby sick herself. but since everything had to be viewed through some sort of twisted divine punishment theory, david made up the story about god condemning the kid to die.


  • robhic

    I especially get pissed at this part which no one has mentioned so far (I guess when then is SO much bullshit to work with some gets left out):

    The Mosaic Law stipulated: "In case a man is found lying down with a woman owned by an owner, both of them must then die together,...

    A woman owned by an owner. Not just lying with a woman but the emphasis has to be put on her status as property!

    And, just for the record, I think David is one of the most annoying and sometimes disgusting figures in the bible. He had the first case of "diplomatic immunity" it seems. Reads hearts? OK, I GOT YOUR HEART .... RIGHT HERE!!!

  • MerryMagdalene

    Why don't they apply this principle today?

    Because men can't read hearts, silly. The fornicators will have to try to gain a direct judgmental intervention from Jehovah, preferably by the male fornicator taking up harp playing and poem writing to demonstrate true repentance and in order for God to more fully be able to read his heart.


  • LongHairGal

    This was one of the things that got to me about the bible. We are told that we must love Jehovah and that he loves us. But legalistic things like this leave me cold. How am I supposed to feel warm and fuzzy about my creator when he did things like this. Now, if I got into a discussion with a JW about this (which I did) I was told: well, after all you are created and you should be grateful for life and the pot has no right to question the potter, etc...
    But even so, as a thinking and feeling person I have to come to the conclusion that he is more punitive than anything else. He may inspire my awe because of the natural beauty of the earth and life but he does not inspire my love.


  • FreedomFrog
    an elder gets it on w jw lady and she gets pregnant, instead of dffing them, or just the lady, why not df the baby? Yes, dffing the baby is the perfect way, jehovah's way.

    That's a good line of reasoning Satanus. Why DON'T they df the baby? That WOULD be 'following after the bible'. After all, they did kill the ones who "turned aside" in the (man written) bible. And now they use that as example to "kill" ones who don't follow them by dffing.


    Freedom Frog

  • Dragonlady76
    Why don't they apply this principle today?

    Because men can't read hearts, silly.

    Merry, good point, but the elders use the holy spirit to judge someones repentance in a JC, So wouldn't that be considered the same thing? Are the elders not trying to look into someones heart? Goes to show they don't know shit.

    I am surprised they don't df newborns, they df rape victims for not screaming even if the attacker has threatened their life if they do.


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