I am 48...Baptised 1971...was an elder for a few years in the 1990s..doing a quiet fade from 2003..after a breakdown/marital problems...my 'groanings unuttered' had no effect and I found myself on the outside, in no mans land. Led me to look at the Org. with the help of a friend (ex elder) and discover the truth about the 'truth', that it isnt the truth. I am separated, but have a friendly relationship with my wife, who is a very active witness, have 2 children..a daughter, married, baptised. A son, not baptised..going to University...so i have hopes for him.... I am quite sensitive, love music, feel my spirituality in the countryside, have a good sense of humour, love the theatre and movies, am romantic... I work for myself...the JW career..window cleaning, but find it works for me in giving me freedom to travel etc. Thats all for now folks!