Kill the Kid, Now That's Justice! (WT 5/15/05 QFR)

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  • adelmaal


    I agree it is not the JWs that killed the newborn child but they do justify God's actions in doing so. They condone the belief that children should be killed as a result of their parents' sins. If they agree with the belief and they defend the belief then they can be held accountable for their views.

    though the other religions don't get picked on

    As for the above comment you made... C'mon now. You really need to come out from under the "only JWs receive persecution" rock you are living under. We are all held accountable for our beliefs, including other religions outside the JW organization. The JWs bash every other religion and person under the sun that is not affiliated with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society! They can dish it out without any consideration to the feelings of others outside their cult so they should be able to take it ten fold in my opinion.

  • Tatiana
    If Jehoba, or whomever else told me he'd take one of my kids because of something I did, I'd offer myself in their place so that they can live and experience life. Why didn't David or Bath-takin-she-ho do that?

    That is a very good question, sweet tea. Bathsheba wasn't important enough to give her life for anything. After all, she was only a woman.

    As for David, imo he was an egotistical, selfish man. And this just goes to show you how the rules are bent for higher ups. Because if David and Bath-sheba had been just run of the mill, everyday, lovers puppets of Jah, they'd have been killed ASAP!!!

    btw, Bath-takin-she-ho ???? Too funny!

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    Tat ... how could I forget that??? Plus, she wasn't even a VIRGIN!!! What good is she (toungue in cheek of course)

    That is a very good question, sweet tea. Bathsheba wasn't important enough to give her life for anything. After all, she was only a woman.

    btw, Bath-takin-she-ho ???? Too funny!


  • sad and lonely
    sad and lonely

    yeah !...i said come on now..and still say it! the other guys up here...i do agree its said for any innocent person to have to pay for someone eles wrong...especially a baby...but there's other stories in the bible that tells how a whole group of people..including.children and animals who had to die..remember the story of i think his name is achan..something like that!but the guy hid some stolen goods and god let whoever was serving him at that time know...he told him to break it down by tribes until it got to the the family.everyone there was killed because of that one idiot.and i do agree anyone who drives on the matter its sad.but again.if we are christians..should we hate god for what he feel was right?as a christian i might not understand everything god do...but is it right for me to put my beliefs before gods i said its sad,yes!i'm not going to jump for joy and say"yay! thats right god kill the innocent! but its not for me to feel he's wrong!..that's all i'm saying when i said its not the jw fault!god will do what he wants ,we can like it or not!,

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    sad and lonely ... the real question for some of us is: Can you trust a book to be inspired by a just and loving God when it is so full of unfathomable injustice and cruelty?

    Just think, how many people don't understand how the Taliband can claim belief in God and yet kill innocent people in his name.

    Sound familiar???

  • sad and lonely
    sad and lonely

    tatiana...girl i totally agree with you boo....i would pray hard for god to punish me instead of my unborn child! and i also feel you when you say david was selfished...he was!! like i said put the womans man on the front line to die in order so he can do her...that 's why i'm not god..because i'd did david..and not the same way he did bathsheba...and as for her....she wasn't even faithful to her hubby..king or not knowing the type of woman i'm now...i'd bust king davids bubble,thought he might have did me in!

  • steve2

    Biblical fundamentalism goes this way: Twist yourself out of shape to adhere to a strict moral code in your personal life, but believe that under specified circumstances it's okay to wipe out an entire nation of people (genoide).

  • jeanniebeanz
    but its not for me to feel he's wrong!..



  • swiftbreeze

    Maybe i'm just simple minded but: is there a possibility that the child died for other reasons not caused by God's hand and Jehovah allowed it to happen because David needed to reep what he sowed. Children die everyday for all sorts of reasons. Birth defects etc...I don't believe the child died by God's hand but rather God knew that the child would die (perhaps from other causes) and he just let David know that his child would die.

  • stillajwexelder

    iT WAS also the will of Allah that 3000 people died on 9/11 - wonderful and loving is God isnt he?

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