Your Most DREADED Dub Word

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    composite sign

    the privilege to... clean toilets

  • JustVisting

    Highest Education-much better than higher education.

  • sparrowdown


    Granted, you may experience some pain on being put up and shut up

    Granted, elders are'nt put up and shut up

    Granted, we all get tired at put up and shut up

    I HATE that invalidating word!

  • belbab

    I have been "out" for many years. I have read all the posts in this thread. I am surprised that no one has brought up the use of the word:

    " FINE". It used to be found hundreds of times in the printed literature and also the spoken word. Here are some "fine examples': "fine Christian conduct", "fine witness", "fine words of praise", "fine talk"

    Fine ally some one must have noticed and this word was obliterated from WT publications.

    They should have substatuted the word "shiddy" instead.

    belbab, of the fine apostate class.

  • clarity

    The dubs must cringe by the phrase Kingdom Hall.

    .....because a whole lot of them say kidom hal!

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