Your Most DREADED Dub Word

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  • Preston
    "Dungy Idols"- I always hated that one.

    My mom likes to tell this story of when I was a little kid and I would go into our neigbors yard to take a crap on one of their lawn gnomes. This is I think the inspiration for that expression...

    - Preston

  • freedom96

    One of the signs of a cult is the specific language they use, special words that are used only by them.

  • orangefatcat

    What about...........each one must carry their own load. what about ..........impetus and what about .....extemporaneously. and with that in mind, let us be ever vigilant with our theocratic speech.

  • Jez
    "Jehovah"-Let's face's not a pleasant word to say in public. Kind of like "vagina", or "colostomy bag".


    Here is a few I hate:

    "Love and Greetings from the congregation in Timbukto, would you like to accept that?" (clap clap clap and some oooooo's and ahhhhhh's thrown in there, really I think it is just a chance for some people to brag about where they were on vacation)

    "Living in the last days" huh?

    "Kingdom ministry"

    "Loving provisions from God" (they throw anything in that category)

    "Sense stress and modulation" (I will never get that out of my head, I use to sit as a child and repeat that over and over again in my mind to pass the time, it became a chant)

    "Worldwide brotherhood" (sounds freaky)

    "Inactive" (according to WHO?)

    "Disfellowshipped" (according to WHO?)

    "Don't take your eyes off the prize" grrrrr

    "The hope of everlasting life"

    "Mental regulation"

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    "Meat in due season" or some such shit like that (been out a long time, can't remember if I have it exactly right). Always made me think that us folks in the KH were like a pack of mongrel dogs that the GB would toss some raw freakin bloody meat to once in awhile to keep us from howling all night long and keeping them awake.

  • loosie


    Make sure you take lots of fiber for you mental

  • jeanniebeanz

    Self-abuse (meaning spankin hank...) Though how it is abusive for dudes to do this I have no idea?


  • Preston
    "Jehovah"-Let's face's not a pleasant word to say in public. Kind of like "vagina", or "colostomy bag".

    oh mah GAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWD ROFLMAO........... too funny!!!!!!

    - Preston

  • EvilForce

    Independant thinking..... nuff said

  • Carmel


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