What initially attracted you to your spouse?

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  • Golf

    Good question. We grew up as toddlers and now we're seniors. My wife says, out of pity, ha ha.


  • upside/down

    Her ass and eyes... pure delight!


  • iiz2cool

    I was attracted to her because she was a very spiritually minded(TM) pioneer(TM) sister(TM).

    That didn't keep the marriage together once I left the troof.


  • Effervescent

    His sense of humor... he can always make me laugh. And we love the same stupid things.... We're even such nerds we can watch hours of "Flying Circus" and then spend the next hours quoting from it. I found a fellow geek after my own heart and I was just lucky I found such a handsome one!

  • rwagoner

    Her Red hair.....

    Her Fiery Attitude....

    Her GREAT Butt !

  • viewaskew

    Kindness and humor... we got to know each other through email, then phone calls. I was an Irish Catholic, she a JW in WV - her family and the elders tried to talk her out of meeting me. When she persisted, she was told she wasn't welcome back on the family property. This meant she had to stay with me in the motel, which became the reason she was disfellowshipped. We got married 10 days after meeting for the first time, but that was irrelevant - just the fact that we shared a room was enough for the action to be taken. So then we moved to Ireland and my mom had set up a meeting with an anti-cult group which paid apostates to help protect familes from 'new religious movements.' I got to witness a real confrontation between the apostate and an elder we'd asked to represent us. Fun times. The leader of the anti-cult group is a Mennonoite. Anyway, living in Ireland didn't work out so well so we moved back to the States after a few months. Our 5th anniversary was in February. That was a little more info than requested, but I felt like rambling.

  • ShadowX

    Fist wife? ASS, next ...? will see gotta wise up this time around!

  • Mamacat

    I met my husband on the computer before I met him in person. He was intelligent and caring in his emails.

    I was coming off an abusive marriage, and he was the complete opposite of my ex. I really wasn't looking for a new husband...I just wanted a good friend. After we met and started dating, he proved to be interested in what I wanted to do instead of telling me what to do. Shortly after we met, I did something totally stupid with my car, and I needed him to come help me, but I was scared to call him...I didn't have anyone else who could help. After years of being yelled at (by my ex and my dad) for "messing up" all the time, I was surprised by his reaction. He didn't get upset, and he acted like it was no big deal.

    Also, he was/is adorable, :) and he quickly built a good relationship with my kids.

  • delilah

    His smile.....he has these sparkly-gold eyes that made me absolutely crazy for him....that, and the fact that he was NOT a JW!!!!!!!! yes, I got into trouble over it, but I didn't give a royal hoot. It was well worth it, and nobody thought we'd last, including my mother.......14 years and 3 kids later....Hmmmmm.


  • Englishman

    I initially thought that she was quite a posh bird until I saw her laughing uproariously at Benny Hill and also at farty-type jokes. She sings like an angel and would play guitar for me while singing Cat Stevens and Don McLean whilst I just sort of went all gooey. Plus, on our second date, I took her sailing and upturned the boat so that we both went into the water fully clothed. She laughed at that too. Also, on our first date, she asked me to take her to see Portsmouth playing Nottingham Forest, so that was it, totally smitten for me.

    Englishman. Still smitten BTW.

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