Both the Watchtower and "You Know" are wrong, wrong, WRONG!

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  • Farkel

    Schism blathers:

    : Gawd man, you're as blind as a bat! There's no sense in anyone trying to reason with you, as it's easy to see what your agenda is: You're dead set against the WTS and anyone that holds to anything it teaches. Someone with a state of mind like you have cannot be reasoned with.

    Strawman: Pole never said he was dead set against anyone who holds to anything the WT teaches.

    Ad hominem: "gawd man, you're as blind as a bat!" What if he is blind as a bat? If a blind bat had an argument you couldn't refute, it would still be an argument you couldn't refute, blind as a bat or not.


  • Schizm

    Go peck on your piano, or sumpin' Farkel. We have no need of you in here.


  • boycrazy101

    are you a jehovahs witness?

  • Schizm


    are you a jehovahs witness?

    Assuming you're asking me that question, let me explain it this way:

    The somewhat hard-to-read, unreasonable statement below (in the next to the last paragraph) clearly says that anyone who "no longer accepts and follows a core tenant of the faith" is no longer viewed as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Since the 1914 doctrine is obviously a "core tenant," then I suppose that I must be viewed by the WTS as no longer being a JW--because I no longer accept that "core" doctrine as being true. Since this came from the "horses mouth" I assume that I'm no longer seen by the WTS as being a JW, although I will continue to hold to or refrain from the things I always have. But this doesn't mean that I've given up on the WTS. Far from it, actually. Although trying their best, they make mistakes in spite of it--and it's as simple as that. I don't question their dedication and determination to do God's will as they understand it. The remnant of the 144,000 will surely come from the work being done by the WTS, and not from the churches of Christendom. A person simply can't qualify as being one of that number who will eventually rule with Christ while believing and practicing the things that Christendom does. Christendom's conduct betrays her as being "part of the world," something that the Bible tells us not to do.

    Isn't it ironic how that I take up for the WTS in many respects, but the WTS doesn't even acknowledge me as being a JW.--Schizm.
  • LittleToe

    So, if your palms started bleeding would it be called schizmata?

    It's a shame that you're so abusive, because the topic was worth a little discussion.

    Nice to see ya around, Doug

  • Alwayshere
    Christendom's conduct betrays her as being "part of the world",something that the Bible tells us not to do.

    Schizm, Did you know the WTS was associated with the United Nations for about 10 years.When it was found out and made public, they lied and said it was only to get a Library card but they could have gotten one without applying for association.They requested termination of it only because they got caught. Also the WTS invest's in stock market. And one thing they invested in was cigarettes[Phillip Morris] They will disfellowship someone for smoking yet they were making money from it. They are hypocrites! They also own 50percent of a company who makes bombs for War.They have the nerve to say the'faithful and discreet slave"has replaced Jesus as the dispenser of truth.[watchtower 1981 Feb.15,page 19] The Watchtower has experienced complete failure of all its predictions, not just 1914 but they did say" 1914 was God's date not ours"[Watchtower July 15'1894] They changed it to 1918 than 1925 than 1975 for just a few. They had the nerve to say" the Watchtower has consistenly proven itself dependable." that statement is in the New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scripyures 1950 page 793. What a lie! I do agree with you about Christendom, she is part of the world also. You don't have to belong to an organization to have a relationship with God. Jesus said "NO ONE comes to the Father EXCEPT through ME.

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