Bill Bowen on VH-1 discussing jw sex abuse!! (MichaelJackson biography)

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  • Dino

    Thanks very much for posting this Skallygirl.

    I will check it out.

    Love to you!


  • sf

    Hey johnny,

    Yea, how about a three-way call?? lolololol

    Seriously though, as I know you ARE dead serious, I am going to call on Monday.

    I'm hoping you watch the program and make a call yourself and ask them some direct questions on what you saw. I have a series of questions written down.

    Good luck baby!

    Now get yo' ass in yahoo. Two dubs said they will watch it and some others, as you can imagine, have already stated the obvious..."it's all crap...he is not a jw any longer". In which I reply that his mother very much still is.


  • sf

    {{{{ tight hugs Dino!!! }}}}

    Good to see you pop in. Take good care sweetie.

    Love, sKally

  • Dino

    Thanks so much dearest.

    I have actually been so busy at work that I havent had much time for just about anything.

    I was approached by one of my biggest clients about a major business deal. I have been writing a marketing and business plan and have been so strapped for time that I hardly recognize my family anymore!

    Keep on giving them hell!


  • wednesday

    Good points regarding unity. I am currently reading "Captives of a Concept" by Don Cammeron, and he talks about this. He says any unity is brought about through threats of DF. That is not the same as people all choosing to believe the same. Whatever unity they have is an enforced unity on the surface only.Also, I have heard them say that b/c the WT is the same worldwide, ie what is printed, that proves a unified org.

  • sf

    Just watched it again.

    I took it all in this time.


  • candidlynuts

    i just watched it.

    i doubt that anyone can say michael jackson is a wierdo or possible a molester just because he was exposed to the jehovah's witnesses as a kid. sounds like his poor mom did her best to try to be a good influence on his life. i'd say his dad was more of a harm than his mother and her beliefs. his life is unique and theres a lot of reasons why he's strange. there was obviously no balance in his life as a child at all.

    bill bowen in my opinion did a good job and vh1 did great showing the publications. i especially giggled at the paranoid WHO CAN YOU TRUST watchtower.

  • Swan
    bill bowen in my opinion did a good job and vh1 did great showing the publications. i especially giggled at the paranoid WHO CAN YOU TRUST watchtower.

    That was such a funny magazine. The picture of the guy on the front makes them look like a bunch of paranoid nut-cases! I looked at that cover and thought, "Idiots! Don't they know how crazy that makes them look to anyone just glancing at the cover. They are making themselves look so ridiculous."

    And then I thought, "Is that how they always looked at us?"

    The pen-pal who told about Michael witnessing to her was great! It is clear to me that this poor guy is totally screwed up and his family is in complete denial. After watching this I can see that perhaps Michael Jackson is innocent of the more serious charges, but just doesn't understand anything about boundaries. Maybe he does think it's okay to sleep (just sleep) in the same bed as some boys or that it is okay to expose them to porn. Maybe he just doesn't get it. Society doesn't find that acceptable. Perhaps he is so out of touch with the world due to his childhood and living in his own little Neverland "paradise" that like Peter Pan, he just never grew up.

    I feel great pity for the man and all he suffered as a child.


  • bavman

    i thought bill bowen did a fantastic job of spelling out to the whole nation the many frustrations i experienced while growing up as a dubbie. excellent job!


  • frankiespeakin


    I didn't see the video because I feel bad for MJ,,any kid going through truama like him has to be shaken pretty bad and should be one shown human kindness. I fear that Christians will the need to punish this man. Some may hope that MJ get mistreated by men at prison. I think that is a perversion of justice if such were to occure and that the state should be concerned for him to avoid further truama.

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