Bill Bowen on VH-1 discussing jw sex abuse!! (MichaelJackson biography)

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  • sf

    I am, right now, watching VH-1's history of the Jacksons and in particular, the charges filed against him.

    They just showed how Mrs. Jackson became a devout jw, showed the kh, and a few WT mags.

    Then, without expecting it, there was Bill Bowen! Talking about the epidemic of abuse in this church.

    I had no idea Bowen was interviewed for this program. Or was he? Did they use an interview from some other program?

    Either way...lots of people watch VH-1 and not only did they interview him, they plugged silentlambs org.

    Keep in mind that if you missed this, they rerun their programs alot.



  • LuckyNun

    that's awesome! I need to find out when they'll air it again!

  • avishai

    I just saw him on there!!!! This is HUGE!!!

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Thanks for the heads-up skally. I turned it on immediately and my JW son and I got to see it together.

  • ezekiel3

    Incredible publicity.

    May I say, I'm getting so good at this prophecy thing...

    Micheal Jackson will be found guilty on some counts, will not serve time in prison due to his mental state, and will be devestated financially when his estate is liquidated during subsequent civil suits.

    As part of MJ's defense, his lawyers will paint him as a victim of child abuse during his surreal childhood as a pop star. His upbringing as a Jehovah's Witness will be brought to light as a fertile environment for his own sexual molestation as a boy.

    MJ will end up stripped of his magic bubble though enabled by fans desperate to ignor the truth about this victim monster, an iconic one-man freakshow.

    From the post on

  • sf

    What I find pleasing, for myself, is that this biography is discussing a lot of the jw policies on sex and relationships and the abuse that goes on within this organization.

    It's not really about MJ, persay, as I'm viewing this. It's about more of the public hearing what goes on and the policies and doctrines that afflict many other jws.

    The jw religion and Bowen are key in this program. And to me, that's a plus.


  • Mulan

    I am watching it now and am disappointed in Bill. He could have used this in a better way I think, but is misrepresenting what actually goes on in congregations.

    He said a person could be disfellowshipped for dating, if they aren't interested in getting married, and that a phone call is a date. Those are both new concepts to me.

    I can see that maybe a phone call is a date, but you won't be disfellowshipped for it. I wish he was more careful when he got in front of a camera, and told it truthfully instead of embellishing.

  • ezekiel3

    Link to Silent Lambs bulletin:

    Mulan: I agree that Bill is drawing conclusions on things never expressly stated by WTS. But look below and tell me what conclusion a typical outsider would draw anyway?

    *** w73 2/1 p. 74 Are You Living for What You Can Get Out of Life Now? *** The Bible condemns loose conduct, and it is clear that toying with sexual immorality is loose conduct, which can result in disfellowshiping. (Gal. 5:19; Mark 7:21-23) A person is merely fooling himself if he thinks such unclean conduct is acceptable as long as intercourse is avoided. Dating one of the opposite sex is not mere recreation but should have marriage in view. If a person does not have marriage in view or is too young to take on marriage responsibilities, then he ought to examine his motives as to why he wishes to have dates with one of the opposite sex. In what direction is he proceeding, or, stated another way, for what is he beginning to live?

    *** g02 10/22 p. 19 Do I Need a Mobile Phone? *** Some youths thus use mobile phones to establish secret contact with those of the opposite sex. Some have dropped their guard, bypassing standards they would normally observe when communicating with others.

    This missing caveat to Bill's statement is that disfellowshipping does not occur until fornication. However, I have known numerous people who have been reproved or otherwise disciplined for "recreational dating" including phone use.

    While Bill may discredit himself on written evidence, I am here as an active JW to support the practical validity of his statement. It happens.

  • sf

    Yes Mulan, the more I keep watching it the more uneasy I am becoming, as far as Bowen is concerned.

    I mean, why not tell the audience that music careers and sports careers are also a potential dfing offense, per say?

    Indeed he could have been much more effective in telling the truth without the embellishments.

    There is a lot of jw talk though.


  • Mulan
    This missing caveat to Bill's statement is that disfellowshipping does not occur until fornication

    exactly my point

    Interesting how the mother got around celebrating her birthday.

    It's a pretty good look at MJ I think, and why he is "stuck" in a pre adolescent situation. Very sad.

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