Let's do something big for this year's memorial !

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  • TheEdge
    Passover/Memorial this year is March 23, not 24

    I'm still a tad confused as to dates - I understand the Passover to be OT and the Memorial to be NT. I intend to follow a few examples and celebrate at home.

  • trevor

    I have read all your comments and have changed my mind. I will celebrate the memorial after all. In keeping with the original occasion, it will be a private affair among friends.

    I will choose the venue the company and the menu: Semillon Chardonnay with king prawns followed by Fillet steak and a superb oak aged Rioja in ample quantity. It will be a memorable event. And we will celebrate life, friendship and freedom.

    After my robotic years as a bible punching Jehovah?s Witness it is nice to be in control.

  • heathen

    I got a great idea . We all go but dress up like moses , jesus or elijah ( as seen in the publications) then when come time to pass the emblems we jump on stage and knock all the goodies over shouting , this is blaspheme or calling them a den of robbers ........... Don't forget to bring a wip and chase them all out into the street ............ LMAO Also we collect enough money to bail everybody out of jail .......... We know the first thing they will do is call the satanic police force .......

  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    Simon, in theory I like your suggestion. Memorial is THE Dubbie holiday. They usually drag all their studies, and any other 'worldly' individual unfortunate enough to accept their invitation to the Memorial. I like Beans suggestion. Rather than disruption inside the hall, how bout a silent picket, with signs to draw attention to the pedophile problem. Sayings like '1 in 4 Congos. harbor a pedo. Is it this the one?' or 'WTBTS policy allows pedos to operate here'. Or 'WWW.Silentlambs.org'. Even better, if you are near a hall with a convicted pedo or abuser. Name names. It is a matter of public record.

    How many worldly ones would be likely to go back? How many studies or publishers might take a second look at the society?

  • Honesty

    Some of us Tennessee postates are gonna run our old cars with the JEHOVAH"S WITNESSES ARE DENYING CHRIST TONIGHT: EVERYBODY'S WELCOME Bumper Stickers out of gas near the Kingdom Hall

  • observador

    that's such an wonderful idea. I wish I had the courage to do that! If I had someone to make me company, I would do exactly that.

    No disruption or anything; just nice and sweet! :)

    That's so funny!

  • 144001

    Thank you, Simon! That was the best post I've read in a long time. I've always thought of doing exactly what you wrote, including bringing my own cheese for the crackers. Drinking that wine is going to be torture, I doubt it's from our Napa Valley. Their wine likely tastes like it originated in a urinal, but those old geezers don't know the difference anyway. Vinegar wine for the great crowd of pigeons, France's finest for the governing body!

    I'd like to add to the suggestions. Just prior to the memorial, eat foods you know to cause you really foul flatulence, and release one blast after another in the hall. Drink the wine and eat the crackers, and belch repeatedly in as obnoxious a fashion as possible. Pick your nose frequently and play with the boogers, making sure that many observe you doing it. Hawk up some phlegm while you're in there too. If the wine makes you sick, stick your finger down your throat and vomit.

    Indeed, this is all the respect they're due.

  • Robdar

    Why Simon, what a fantastic idea! May I add one of my own?

    Grab the unleavened bread and gobble it up. When finished, burp loudly and announce that the body of Christ was very tasty this year.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Last year I baked my own bread and drank my own wine. Couldn't be bothered reading the bible, so I Googled up a talking one. It felt more and more spiritual as the level of the bottle fell and the volume of the CD playing Tom Waits in the background rose.

    It didn't feel so spiritual that I wanted to finish it with a Singdom Kong. I haven't heard them for so long I can't even remember my own versions of them, which I had to sing rather quietly. I wish I had written them down somewhere. They were one thing I liked about the Meatings, especially the last song, (anyone who prayed (preyed) overtime was NOT my friend).

    But to be serious, it would be nice to share some sort of communion (is that what you call it?) with friends and family, around the kitchen table, without the WT BS to pollute it, even if you think it is just a continuation of an ancient pagan ritual.

    I had my first Thanksgiving (not a Kiwi tradition) last year, with friends, and it was great, and I hope I have started something. It was much more meaningful than any WT Memorial.

    I wouldn't give any Cong. the pleasure of my presence or the opportunity to use me as an example of the Devil's machinations.

  • heathen

    Black Sheep --- That's a good idea as well . Why not just gather with friends and family ? Jesus only said to do this in rememberance of me , he never said don't do this because I will only kill you later .

    I really like my idea tho LOL ..............

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