Let's do something big for this year's memorial !

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  • BrendaCloutier
    I'm not allowed at the memorials anymore. The last time I went with hubby I told the elder I hate him, thought he was ugly and wish he would leave me and my family alone and that I don't want to talk to them anymore.

    Show up at a different congregation!

  • Tigerman

    I'm in.

  • unclebruce

    How about pi$$ing in the punch bowl?


    Dear Hubert, What punch bowl?

    Musta been a thirsty lot of remnant in your cong.

    make mine a barrosa valley red, unclebruce

  • bebu

    I can't see the point of going, and helping to raise their numbers. I think a sick-out by all faders and doubters would be even better. Bow out at the last minute from a raging stomach-flu, headache, sore throat, non-stop diarrhea, cramps, trick knee, back goes out, amnesia, psychotic episode, whatever. Or you can do havea car stall, lost wallet/keys, locked out of car, stalled elevator, bomb threat, traffic jam, dead battery in your watch, "Good Samaritan" work in helping someone out, or dead car battery. Take some miraculous medicine to "recover" in time for the dinner, if you like.

    ...What? You suspect I often use these kinds of excuses myself to get out of stuff?


  • unclebruce

    Several times I arranged to attend the memorial, partake and post pics to the web, but each time my fellow poster backed down and I'm too shy to go it alone (besides holding the camera and drinking at the same time would be difficult.

    Go for it I say - someone's gotta attend, partake and bring back photographic evidence.

    This would be good as a competition Simon .. first one to post photographic evidence wins a dinner for four at the Mimosa Rocks Resturaunt - my shout! (fares to and from South East Aust not included).

    cheers, unclebruce

  • avishai

    Kick ass!!!!

    I'm taking easy cheese (aerosol cheese) for the crackers. Perhaps some lox. Hell, If you can't hack it, wear a disguise, I'm a-gonna!!

  • Quotes

    Click your fingers and say "Waiter, more wine" or "Thanks Jesus, but I bet I can turn this back into water faster than you can".

    LMAO!!!! And I needed a good laugh!

  • frenchbabyface

    Actually I wouldn't dare ... not because it's not funny ... but because they would only think I'm a tool of SATAN as usual, as if it couldn't only be a personnal joke

  • Englishman

    If they know that you're DF'd, they won't even let you near the wine. Some jobsworth will whip it away before it reaches you.


  • Beans

    This year I am planning on standing outside of a Kingdom Hall with a big sign on child abuse! With all the non JW's that go this is a perfect chance to voice the word.

    It's not about a big group at one spot but individuals at every KH!


    Canadian District Overbeer

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