Let's do something big for this year's memorial !

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  • seeitallclearlynow
    I'm not allowed at the memorials anymore. The last time I went with hubby I told the elder I hate him, thought he was ugly and wish he would leave me and my family alone and that I don't want to talk to them anymore.

    LOL, Why Georgia! Once in awhile it probably feels good to get to do just that. Hahaha.

  • ballistic

    It would be remarkable to make the memorial so memorable.

  • TheEdge

    And I'm not suggesting this (Heaven forbid!) - but wouldn't it be fun to take along all your mates from the Tourettes Society?!

  • mouthy

    All right you lot!!!! Go to your rooms. None of that should be done---- That would make the "doubting" ones STAY!!! we want to help them out!!!!

    Anyway the bread is stale!! & it is only grape juice

    I went to a memorial after I was DF & the elders all ( 3 of them> the trinity) stood right at my aisle & watched to see if I would take it....I was told I was fortunate it was passed to me.....

    So behave yourselves, think of Mimimus MUM!!!! It would help her to stay....

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OUCH that kick up the rear hurt!!!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Forget it. I'll go through the motions just like any other year. Get a cute, modest outfit, and go to dinner afterwards. I'm happy that is just 1 hour; it could've been longer.


  • Stealth

    Here is the right way to do it to really throw them off.

    1. Assume an alias of some elder that you don't like from an old congregation. Preferably some out of state congregation that you used to attend.

    2. Dress up and travel to another congregation where no one knows who you are.

    3. Pop in last minute before the meeting starts, if there is any time for introductions, introduce yourself as Brother (alias) from (some other cong). Tell them that you had urgent buisness and had no time to make it back to your own congregation, or that you are out of town on buisness and will be leaving to catch a flight as soon as the meeting is over.

    4. Partake.

    5. Leave as soon as possible when the meeting is over, tell them you have urgent buisness or a flight to catch, make sure they know your name (alias) and what congregation you are from.

    In and out, know one knows your reall idenditiy and some smuck elder will be getting a call about his partaking or at minimum, it will bring the numbers up.

  • mouthy

    That is what Paul Blizzard done & they counted him....

  • ScoobySnax

    I don't like any of this at all. Its just wrong. I don't believe for one minute any of you would be disrespectful enough to go into another church service and purposefully disrupt it. and if you would, then I think thats childish.

    Sometimes you just might give all the JWs the ammo they need.

    Wrong, very wrong.


  • Honesty

    Just a thought...

    Research the Illuminati symbols, rituals, etc.

    I may be wrong, however (theocratic double-talk here), don't the Illuminati meet once a year for a memorial where they pass the wine and bread around and by not taking it they deny Jesus?

    Just something I heard once?

  • LittleToe

    This was discussed late last year:

    Personally I have absolutely no desire to desecrate something that another human being holds so sacred. For all the boredom of meetings, this was probably one of the few nights a year something actually approaching worship was conducted, in the minds of the JWs (albeit "rejection rite" is probably a more accurate description).

    Sorry, but I'm gonna come right out with it and say that I think the idea is infantile...

    Just my 2p... as you were...

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