Just got back from the 2004-2005 circuit assembly here are a few thoughts.

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  • Pistoff

    Hehe, welcome kingdavid.

    Congratulations on avoiding being stoned to death for adultery, scheming, lying and murder........good show!

    I went to the same assembly as well. What did I see? I see hundreds of people being there out of love for their friends, for their neighbours and most of all for their God. These people don't need selfish motives to sacrifice their time and resources to attend a two day assembly, while everybody else just goes to the beach or the mall and "enjoy" themselves.
    No comment on the content? Was there any discussion of the Aids story?
  • TheEdge

    Welcome kingdavid - I would like to know what attracted you to look at this website. You appear to have found a thread with which you don't agree, and that's fine, maybe you can put your perspective on this experience. I don't imagine you came straight to this post to respond (from the hundreds on here) - so from others you have read, you appear to have no comment?

    I am truly amazed how gullible all of you are.

    Lol - ditto

  • TheEdge

    In fact, kingdavid, this is relatively old thread - you must have spent ages before finding it - I can't imagine you were actually LOOKING for it - how does your conscience feel spending hours trawling through apostate views?

    People motivated by hatred. People using foul language because they lack arguments for their viewpoint.

    I'm speechless - help me out someone -lol

  • 95stormfront

    Oh....KingDavid won't be back. This smells of the typical JW hit and run.

  • GetBusyLiving

    It's a hit and run alright.. I used to do them lots hehe

  • TheEdge

    Hit and Run? Is that the same as a coward who likes to have the last word, but has no ''bottle''? I think kingdavid will be back - just to LOOK, he won't be able to resist.

  • 95stormfront
    I think kingdavid will be back - just to LOOK, he won't be able to resist.


    Hopefully by then he'd have gottan over some of that smug arrogance his WT god has trained him.

  • observador

    I don't think kingdavid is gonna answer my question... He might be confering with Jonathan by now...


  • kingjonathan

    The reason why I (kingdavid) didn't reply earlier is that my account seemed to have been deactivated. Apparently this "congregation" also needs "protection" from people with different opinions.

    Freedom, right?

    Anyway: I found this thread (and this thread only) by searching for "circuit assembly 2005" in Google. Remarkable, isn't it?

    The comments that I have seen in this thread and the language used here doesn't exactly instill any desire in me to associate with the members of this forum. Compared to that, the decency of the witnesses is truly refreshing

    Concerning the supposed spreading of urban legends at the assembly: those of you who ever associated with the WBTS know better than that, but of course it is so convenient to believe it anyway.

    Finally, don't hold your breath for my next post. Apparently there is only room here for those who support the warped views of the owners of this forum, and creating a new account everytime I would like to write a contribution is more than I am prepared to do.

    For those who left the organization and ended up here: just look around on this forum and ask yourselves: "should I really be proud to be part of this?"

    My old congregation is definitely not perfect, but the people there are endlessly more decent than most of those here.


  • Pole

    What a pathetic provocation.

    "Maybe I have my own doubts also, but I'm grateful for you all to give me a reality check. I can see that this world is only selfish, obscene and full of filth - exactly as prophesized in 2 Tim 3."

    This is a "hidden" message for the undecided lurkers. You may have doubts, lurkers, but it's all prophesized.


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