The Holocaust - do we need to know?

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  • frenchbabyface

    Hum ... what about talking about the other onces NOW (you know ... the other onces) a little bit ...NO ? not interested ?

    You ain't going anywhere here (we know were it leads) to give too much to one and forget about the other onces ...

  • avishai
    Avi, what revisionist books? Just because I read something and quote from it, it doesn't mean I believe it


    Hey, I'm not that ignorant. It was a joke on Realist's (who is Austrian I believe) complaints about all those Jews in the American administration

    LOL. Damn, I am so slow today!!!

  • czarofmischief

    I once saw a film about a Jewish anti-Semite. No lie. It was based on a true story. I forget what it was called, but the kid had a monologue about "why we hate the Jews." And his point was, we just do. We hate them because they blend in with us, we hate them when they separate themselves, we hate them when they work, we hate them when they don't... on and on... until it was just an "animal reaction" he called it, to the word "Jew".

    Anti-semitism is a mental illness, an obsession that, ironically enough, begins with the traditionally Mosaic fixation on purity, cleanliness, and geneology.

    My advice? Quit worrying about bullshit and get on with the things in your life that you CAN change. Like the hardness of your heart, or the bitterness of your soul.


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk


    ive seen the Film you talk about...and i too cant remember what it was called!!Grrr

    It had the Young Lad who ultimately blew himself up in a Synagogue?

  • Valis

    Looks like Realist needs a new Avatar..

  • Realist

    to all PC crowd members:

    can someone explain why debating the numbers automatically equates to being a nazi and holocaust supporter? does debating the numbers of people killed by stalin makes everyone a supporter of communist mass murder? or debating the numbers of people killed in hiroshima equate to promoting of killing civilians? fascinating.

  • frenchbabyface


    looks like the native indians were responsible because they were drinking too much alcool (but ...)
    looks like the slave were responsible because some africans sold there own people (but ... )
    looks like ... OH WELL ... (I guess you see why I don't feel to comment ... it talks to both sides)

  • Kenneson


    I guess you didn't recognize the name because I mispelled it. It should have read Helmut Tuerk.

    It seems that the only way to get to the article is by conducting a search on that site under Helmut Tuerk.

  • avishai
    I once saw a film about a Jewish anti-Semite

    They're called self-haters. Karl Marx, Bobby Fischer, etc.

  • Valis

    Realist, one of the first things you said was that "it seems to be about getting sympathy and reparations for the Jews". How is it that the BBC is doing that? Remember what this thread started off being about? A TV SHOW. Not revisionist history, which you seem to promote. Then you start in with the crap about people in office under Bill Clinton. It seems like you hop from one concept to another trying not to called out as a racist, but it isn'tt working very well. Fascinating indeed.


    District Overbeer

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