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  • mouthy


  • FallGirl

    I got mine over a week ago. Love it, and thank you much. She didn't reference her screen name, but I love my pufferfish!

  • Sassy

    although mine was sent out (but not yet received).. so far no gift from my secret santa..

    but I am soooooo late getting out my Christmas cards, who am I to say anything! where does the time go???

  • fairy

    i got my present from "kitties" today and couldnt help rip my way into the box!

    thankyou for the bath salts, i love them....i always put heaps into the bath.!!

  • Nosferatu

    I recieved mine today. It was waiting for me when I got home

    Thank You Caligirl & Freedom96!!

    I got Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion II! About 3 1/2 years ago, my ex left me and took a bunch of my CDs. I've replaced most of them, but this is one that I hadn't got around to yet (AC/DC Back In Black was another one). I'm sitting here listening to Estranged. I haven't heard this in years!

  • justhuman

    I do and NICE ones

  • Elsewhere

    I just got back from the post office to get my Secret Santa Package!

    It turns out that I got something from.....

    *** Drum Roll ***


    No, no... not ME.... one of our JWD users, Myself!


    Thanks you very much! I haven't opened the presents yet and they are under my little Christmas Tree as I type.

    I can't wait for Christmas Morning!

  • Sassy

    well.... I was Morty's secret Santa... she wrote me yesterday.. It appears that if you write something like Secret Santa on your package, that is a red flag for border control to pull it aside and open it!! Bummer huh! Plus now they charged her for them to open her present!! Sheesh!

    so word of warning for anyone sending gifts out of the country for the future.. put your real name on there, or it might be a flag to be the package they chose to randomly open!

    I still can't believe they are charging her for that.. (of course I insist on sending her money so a gift to her doesn't cost her)

    I haven't heard yet if anything was missing.. she'll drop me a note later she said after opening it to let me know if all is ok!

    no word from my Secret Santa yet..

  • lazyslob

    I got my present today and as an grown patient up man I didn´t open it untill I got out of the postoffice. I got RUDDY chutney. I think that ruddy was celtics favorit word and when I saw the can it made me LOL. Thank you Fe203Girl. If you knew me you´d know that tasting new stuff really is my biggest and dearest intrest of all.


  • ohiocowboy

    I just got a parcel from Dallas Texas!!! I don't know who it is from yet until I open it on Christmas. It is like the forbidden fruit wanting to open it early, but, I Muussssttttt reeeeefraaaiiiinnn til X-mas morning....

    Thank you so much to the person who sent it, I will know who you are on Christmas!!! I cain't wait!

    To top it off, we are in the middle of a big snow storm, 8" already on the ground, and another 8" expected tonight!!! White Christmas!!!

    Happy Holidays!

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