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  • caligirl

    I received mine earlier this week, and actually waited until tonight to open it- though it took a great amount of self control to wait! Thank you Fallgirl for the beautiful Crystal votive holder. It is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE candles. PLUS, it perfectly matches my livingroom furniture (eggplant color) It will go onto my mantle as soon as the Christmas decorations come down!

  • ohiocowboy

    My Secret Santa was HempLover!!!

    I received the most wonderful things! I got Tim McGraw's new Cd, which I am listening to right now-(Great CD by the way)! I also received the neatest Branding Iron Candlestick! I have it sitting by a Cowboy on horse statue, and they complement each other so well! I have a rustic hand-dipped candle which fits into it perfectly. My dog Chelsea even received a Candy cane rawhide bone!!!

    All of that, and I got a neat card, and a beautiful letter! WOW

    It has been killing me for a few days wanting to open it early, and I am so glad I was able to wait til Christmas day-it provided a wonderful experience!

    Thank you soooo much Hemp Lover!

    Merry Christmas! You certainly gave Chelsea and I a very nice one...

  • Bubbamar

    Hey! I haven't gotten a Christmas present yet. Did a JW on here get pangs of guilt and decide not to celebrate??

    Oh well - it was fun being someone else's secret santa.

  • Sassy

    well I didn't receive anything from my Secret Santa before flying to MN on the 25th for Christmas, but my bf tells me two packages arrived for me at home while I have been gone. Flower mailed me a treeskirt and although she paid for priority mail, it took 2.5 weeks to get to me... so... I think the mail can be slow! I fly home tomorrow, so we'll see what packages I have!

  • Preston
    PRESTON: Thank you so friggin much. First I loved the card HILARIOUS and the crock-pot was first too much and wonderful.

    Thanks Sheila ....I hope you guys enjoy the crock pot. We should exchange chili recipes sometime.

    - Preston

  • Mulan

    We got ours, from Xenawarrior. I sent her a PM..............it arrived in plenty of time and I didn't open til Christmas. She sent several Christmas CD's that we LOVE (those were an "open now") and I got three of the CD's on my list and an ornament and a shot glass. Very, very nice gift. Thanks again!

  • Sassy

    I came home from spending Christmas in Minnesota to find a package had been delivered in my absense, from I believe my secret santa...

    it was a lovely glass hummingbird which I so LOVE!!!

    I have no idea who sent it though to thank...

    can anyone fess up?

  • StinkyPantz
  • Sassy

    are you fessing up SP?

  • Sassy


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