The Kingdom of God (The "Good News" will be preached)

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  • sandy
    Jehovah cleans my bathroom. I pay him with cigarettes.

    I thought Jehovah quit smoking in the 70s'

  • Brownboy
    I made everything in existance and can do what ever I want,, so I don't give a shit what you think,,but if you piss me off I just might make a firey hell and dip you in it,,just to satisfy my evil side,,so just keep on taunting me.

    Brown Boy you have not been faithfull to your calling and so I'm takeing my spirit away from you and giving it to someone else, who knows what it means to fear me

    13 The fear of Jehovah means the hating of bad. Self-exaltation and pride and the bad way and the perverse mouth I have hated. 14 I have counsel and practical wisdom. I?understanding; I have mightiness. 15 By me kings themselves keep reigning, and high officials themselves keep decreeing righteousness. 16 By me princes themselves keep ruling as princes, and nobles are all judging in righteousness. 17 Those loving me I myself love, and those looking for me are the ones that find me.(Proverbs, chapter 8)

    Jehovah's creation caused death. It was satan that misled Eve, and it was man that chose to kill another man. Jehovah had to put into place discipline for those that chose to kill. Jehovah has been misrepresented. Eventually everyone will know the true Jehovah.

  • frankiespeakin

    This is what Jehovah has said:
    "Don't listen to BB. I made man to die, because if he didn't there would be no room for all the newbies. And I'm not completely good, that would be boring. You can't have good unless you have bad. They are just concepts anyway."
  • Brownboy

    This is what Jehovah has said:
    "Don't listen to BB. I made man to die, because if he didn't there would be no room for all the newbies.
    And I'm not completely good, that would be boring. You can't have good unless you have bad. 
    They are just concepts anyway."
    Satan had free will also and chose to be like God knowing good and bad. Jehovah hates badness. How many times does it take
    for you to have an understanding? God can count the number of hairs on your head, and knows when a bird
    drops from the heavens. He knows when the earth is filled, and how many people can reside upon the earth.
    There is a whole universe out there. Only Jehovah knows the future of man. Humble yourself before Jehovah.
    When Jehovah chooses to discipline, it is done out of love. It is only when man chooses to kill that He must
    impose the same penalty of death, in order to have justice served. Look for wisdom and understanding before
    you make another foolish comment. 
  • little witch
    little witch

    Poor BrownBoy...

    Do you not realize that you are building your own prison walls? How sad that you live day to day in fear and agony. Fear of a god that only exists in the minds of a few old men.

    In agony because you cannot now or ever convince the general public that your strange interpretation of scripture is relevant or accurate. By all means, continue to make an ass of yourself. By all means continue to make a folly and joke of the watchtower. We enjoy it, and applaud your efforts.

    It is from the mouths of jw's and the g.b that let the public know what idiots you really are. For your lasting postings I for one am greatful.... For more entertainment from the horses mouth, see

  • frankiespeakin


    Your just trying to kiss up to Jehovah, but it aint gonna work. Jehovah don't like flatery. He told me this:

    "Brown boy is not my servant,, I am both evil and good. You can't have one without the other. Brown boy don't really know me that's why I fired him from the job. Because he just keeps on inventing things to say about me,,makeing up dates and what not that never come true,,he is not a prophet," the words of Jehovah have come to their end.

  • Silver

    Ray of Light/Brownboy:

    I met you in the chat room last night. I thought you were a *BLEEP* then, and now that I've read this thread I think you're even more of a *BLEEP*.

    That's not an insult, Rayboy; it's a fact. Just examine yourself if you want evidence.

    Unless you're psychotic or insane you can't possibly believe the dribble you're spouting.

    [Hey! This is therapeutic.... Thanks for coming, Rayboy!]


  • FMZ

    Brownboy... please explain further your idea that there is geological evidence that Jehovah is God's name.

    Also, as for your statement about me looking forward to a time without fear or pain... Yep, I do every day. Again, the Bible is just an interpretation of events that people have experienced. I don't doubt one bit that this Kingdom of God exists, but all of the myth and conjecture that surrounds it (having to know God's name etc.) is just unneeded.


  • frankiespeakin

    Brown Boy you have not spoken truth about Jehovah. Jehovah is both good and bad(evil),, your lies make him lopsided they do not honor jehovah because they are not truth they are just wishful thinking. Jehovah and Satan are just two sides to the same coin.

  • funkyderek

    Another tissue of lies from Brownboy the liar. Well done to those who spotted his "ray of lies".

    Why would a god of truth use such a liar - and an incompetent liar at that?

    Anyway, Brownboy the liar, as long as you keep coming back here and telling lies - under whatever alias, I'm going to make sure people know what a lying liar you are.

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