The Kingdom of God (The "Good News" will be preached)

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  • Rabbit

    Hi BrownBoy,

    Have you ever thought..."God" might not be so perfect? It's always said, "Man was made in God's image." Could God make mistakes? Can HE do something that even HE considers wrong?

    You well remember how after purposely murdering (that's what humans would call a world wide holocaust) an untold number of people, including innocent children and babies back in Noah's day, he expressed "regret" after He "saw what he'd done to mankind"?

    It sounds like someone who lost their temper, to me.

    If He's not perfect, in the fact that He has murdered un-told millions of people in Bible can we put total trust in what the writers of the Bible and the Watchtower, say about Him now?

    Why not come back here as a friend, with everyday problems and concerns for how you can help your fellow This is the wrong venue to preach or give prophecy. Even the WatchTower which you said, "is best equipped" for such things will disfellowship you and throw you out like yesterday's trash, once they discover your "works."

    You are much more welcome here as a friend, if you'll let us.


  • Leolaia

    So Brownboy came back after all for the umpteenth time?

  • gumby
    You are much more welcome here as a friend, if you'll let us.


    Hey Rabbitbastard....if it doesn't sound too sissy-like.....that was a really sweet thing to say...,..and kind.

    Unfortunately....I've gave myself to people like him(and a couple others). These guys don't respond to compassion very well. I think there may only be one oar in the water here and the other oar is too far downstream.


  • jgnat

    I see. Brownboy has survived his predicted end of the world and has been reborn as a "child of the light", rather than admit his error. He has chosen madness over reality. This is so creepy to watch being played out.

    1. The bible is a reliable source of information.
    2. My calculations definitively prove that the end of the world has come.
    3. It is my obligation to warn people of this coming end.
    4. People that scoff are obviously not from God. Their mocking only reinforces my belief that I am right.
    5. The end did not come.
    6. But my calculations were infallible.
    7. Therefore, I must have died.
    8. Yet I live. I must be resurrected then.
    9. I better go tell those scoffers where they went wrong.
    10. They still mock me. Their mocking only reinforces my belief that I am right.

    Will his mind be caught forever in a permanent cognitive loop?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Brownboy you can use your other account. There is no need to create duplicate accounts. This one is now closed.

    BrownboyRe: Urgent Plea from Jehovah by One of His Anointed (sacred secret revealed)
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    since 20-Jan-04

    I have delivered the message. I will not be returning to this forum.

    A direct blasphemy against God will not be forgiven ! ! !

    IP: gxMB7Vaw/M28MmPm
  • Gill

    Hi RayofLight/ Brownboy,

    When I first started reading this site you were prophesying doom and destruction and I just wondered why you were now changing your tack and starting of a someone nicer more subdued line.

    What's with the'second coming?'

    Perhaps you need to be a little less obsessed with religious matters and you may begin to appreciate huge improvement in your mental health.


    Now relax and don't worry about the end of the world or that God may need you to deliver some kind of message to others. He doesn't!

    Whatever your scary experience was it's time to move on.

    There is nothing to fear but fear itself, remember that!

  • boa

    Well, Ray of Light/Brownboy, thanks for the best wishes of faith and returning to da troof. Thanks but no thanks. I've come to the conclusion I am incapable of 'faith'. Faith is a leap of the mind or heart I cannot trust. 'Feelings' of devotion or 'belief' also don't cut it with me. I prefer whatever appears to be reality I can touch and feel around me.

    However, I do think your lighter tone suits you better if you really feel you must preach around here.

    Shamus, you crack me up!

    I know boa, and believe me, you ain't saving that crazy mo-fo.
    Why thank you! edited to add that I do believe I figured out he was Brownboy first, in chat last night
  • Brownboy
    I owe everyone here an apology for presenting misleading information.

    I have apologized for presenting misleading information. As I said, it is easy for a human to be misled by satan. A foolish person will continue to be foolish. A wise person will check to see if this information is true. Please return to the Kingdom Hall to receive instruction. God would never hold back from helping any person in their spirituallity, however how can He continue to spread good news to those with deaf ears? God has given to you nothing but encouragement based upon faith, and in return you give Him scorn. Do not be misled by anyone but study the word of God in whatever translation you prefer. Pray for wisdom and understanding and God will give it to anyone asking in faith. These words are from God because they can be verified as true from the bible. That is how you know when a message is from God, or from satan. Please be wise and have an understanding. Pray constantly and with faith. May God bless you also. A fellow slave of God and of His Christ

  • shamus
    misleading information


    You lied. Don't sugar coat what a lie is. Go back to the dictionary and check out the actual meaning of lie. It's so obvious that you lied a 5 year old can see it. Misleading information? Utter nonsense.

    Brownboy is a liar.

    Also, you lied when you said you would never come back here again. Or did god tell you to lie and come back? I think not; why not take responsibility for your actions. That's what the god "jehovah" insists that you do.

  • frankiespeakin

    I've just recieved a message from Jehovah for all board members including Mr. Brown.

    I try to post it word for word:

    "This is what Jehovah of armies has said: "Why do you on this forum continue to taunt me with your tricky words,,1914 is bogus,, I never sent anyone to earth to die for your sins,,I don't have a son named Jesus. No ones getting everlasting life on earth or in heaven,, the Governing Body is made up of assholes,, and Satan the Devil is my older brother,, I like him alot. I've thought of makeing a hell to torture all my enemies,,but that would be boring after awhile,, so I scraped the idea.

    I made everything in existance and can do what ever I want,, so I don't give a shit what you think,,but if you piss me off I just might make a firey hell and dip you in it,,just to satisfy my evil side,,so just keep on taunting me.

    Brown Boy you have not been faithfull to your calling and so I'm takeing my spirit away from you and giving it to someone else, who knows what it means to fear me."

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