Let's all show up at the Memorial - and gasp - Partake!

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  • heathen

    The WTBTS teaches that JESUS CHRIST is JEHOVAH GODS appointed king and ruler of the universe . As far as the glorification part I can't aswer for the WTBTS . You will have to ask one of them but my opinion is yes JESUS CHRIST is glorified in the bible .JEHOVAH GOD even glorified his name thru JESUS CHRIST . As far as I'm concerned JESUS CHRIST is GOD . I think people confuse the issue . When JESUS CHRIST walked the earth he was the king of the jews not GOD at the time but was given authority to forgive sins and pronounce judgement against the wicked ones . When he died and was resurrected he became the ruler of the universe and given a name above all creation .To me that name is GOD .

  • Triple A
    Triple A

    Heathen, thanks. Your comments came from your understanding of Jesus as God. The Catch 22 that I presented here is taking it from my understanding of what JW's belief of Jesus is, that he is currently the Archangel Michael and when he was on earth he was only a man. Jesus was never God to the WTS. What I said applies to their beliefs not ours.

    a rejection feast

    IMO it is the Catch 22 of the WTS.

    If you attend and pass the wine and bread, you are rejecting Christ.

    If you partake of the wine and bread, than you drinking and eating to an Angel.

    So, no matter which you do it is wrong.

  • heathen

    I always understood them to say that only the anointed slave class can eat and drink because they give the symbols of christs suffering the meaning that they are litterally the body of christ . They cannot reason this out from scripture however . The ritual in actuality is a rememberence for the occasion and was never given the meaning they have for it . If you are a christian you are to eat and drink no matter of what flock you come from and to me the way they do it is a form of idolotry and making the food so holy that all you can do is look at it and pass it around like an idiot . They believe the covenant that jesus mentions in Mathew 26:28 only applies to the anointed remnant .

  • redhotchilipepper

    I still feel that the sacrifice that Jesus made for us was huge.Yes, I still buy into that stuff. I feel that to go and partake would be disrespectful to Jesus.Maybe it's silly of me. It's just the principle behind it I guess. I don't and wouldn't want to stoop to their/the Jw's level.My new alias is the redhotchilipepper. It's Tim Horton's wife or ex-wife. Whatever you want to call me. I finally figured out how to get my own computer identity. yeah. I guess I'll have to reintroduce myself. Sorry off topic here.

  • what_Truth?

    lets take it one step further. Go to the memorial, drink ALL the wine. then point to the elder with the hot, much younger wife (every congregation has one) and slur "hey, she's lookin at me". at this point another apostate stands up and says "No she's looking at me" stage a drunken brawl complete with chair swinging. When the cops finally come yell out "Praise Jehovah for getting me drunk" vomit up the unleavened bread and sing "eyes on the prize" at full volume as they drag you out the door.

  • Dan-O
    Anyone in???

    Only if I can bring some cheese to put on the crackers, and a decent bottle of wine. Would it kill the Dubs to pop for a good merlot or syrah? Or maybe even a marechal foche?

  • JustTickledPink

    I always loved after the Memorial the elders would take the wine glasses out back and dump the wine out onto the lawn.

    I was always like "5 minutes ago that was soooo holy, now it's just being dumped out" I didn't get it.

    We had 1 "annointed" sister in our hall and she was really wacko and liberal and had son was DF'd and etc ... some people actually questioned that she really was from the annointed, my mother being one of them, thought that maybe she just imagined she was annointed, but of course along with the other questions, just brush that one under the rug.

  • el jarocho mayor
    el jarocho mayor

    I thought i was annoited when i was 5 yrs old. I had a sudden urge to drink the wine, but i was stopped dead in my tracks by my mom and the assistant passing the wine.

  • el jarocho mayor
    el jarocho mayor

    Did any of you guys notice how not too long ago that the number of "annoited" went up? Isnt that number supposed to be dwindling?

  • ozziepost
    Isnt that number supposed to be dwindling?

    They drank twice!

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