First left to rebel against my mom. Later found out that i was right all along. perhaps that's not the way that life is supposed to work, but who cares? I'm here now, have a beautiful wife, and for the first time ever have a hope that doesn't have my best friends dying at the hands of a vengeful god that hates all but a small percentage of his creation. That being said I feel that I have a responsibiltiy to help anyone who is either thinking of leaving or has just left the JW's. If you need someone to talk to leave a PM and I'll answer you ASAP. BTW for all you cynical SOB's, I have more than enough real friends. this is not an attempt to get popular. BTW for all elders. Fuck all y'all except Wilfred G. You were a true friend and roll model when i needed you. Thank you and your wife for watching over me. BTW to Dan Vitale (sp) send me a PM. I've been looking for your for a while. BTW to robert N. Your a wonderful guy. Please dedicate yourself to something more worthwhile like the Sally Ann or big brothers