Let's all show up at the Memorial - and gasp - Partake!

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  • ozziepost
    Jeff and Dot enjoy the idea of 6 million dubs hungrily reading the annual service report, secretly hoping that Armageddon Ticker at the bottom of the page will finally dip below 5,000,

    Exactly! You've just demonstrated my point. Y'see a person who is so concerned over dubs and dub life is in reality still controlled by the borg. It doesn't matter whether you're "in" or not, they still control you.

    See? you need to move on.

  • dorothy

    I respectfully disagree ozziepost. While time was wasted in the Borg, I feel I tapped into a hilarious source of entertainement, and I'm not letting it go!

  • ozziepost


    That's terrible! Would you poke fun at them? Then you're no better, if not worse, than them.

    My mother told me it was wrong to mock the afflicted! And she also told me to be gracious to those less fortunate than myself.

    See what I mean?


  • dorothy


    Yeah, I understand not laughing at the afflicted. I'm appauled by people who laugh at the homeless, the menatlly challenged, etc. I really am, and am very vocal about it when I see it happen.

    But grown adults with soundness of mind, carrying on like lunatics and trying to "sign up" as many others as possible??? They're asking for it!

  • googlemagoogle

    that action - if counted - would actually make some jws think... ozzie seems to only move or talk, when it's a matter of life and death. if everyone would be like that, no info on jws would be available on the net. why would i make a board for xjws? why a site on watchtower doctrine? WHY?

  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen
    It doesn't matter whether you're "in" or not, they still control you.

    Anyone with family still in will always have the damn borg in the back of their mind, even if they are not acting in a co-dependent manner.

    I love the "hit 'em where it hurts -- in the numbers!" approach, though! Bravo!

    This sounds alot like Abbie Hoffman and the Yippies guerrilla monkey warfare. Once upon a time, the Yippies tooks loads of US one dollar bills into the NYSE, and at a pre-determined time co-ordinate commenced to toss out the currency from the mezzanine. Rather than concentrate on business at hand, the buyers, runners and anyone else in the pit were near riot as they scrambled to recover this free falling cash. Cash value:hundreds or thousands. Hilarity and memories:Priceless.

    Sometimes a stupid, childish gesture points out an even bigger stupid childish situation.

    for more on monkey warfare see Steal This Book, now available on line in its entirety. http://www.mindmined.com/public_library/nonfiction/abbie_hoffman_steal_this_book.html

  • ozziepost
    ozzie seems to only move or talk, when it's a matter of life and death

    Banal again.

  • iiz2cool

    I can't see that I'd bother going to a memorial to do that, though it appeals to my sense of humor. My first congregation, for the most part, hated my guts while I was a JW, so imagine what they think of me now! If I went to a memorial and partook it would introduce a little excitement into their otherwise meaningless lives. It would give them something new to gossip about.

    Nah! I'm not going to do them any favors.


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    who would want to drink that CHEAP WINE ?...screw top bottle stuff ( I can see the headache coming...)

    I would rather have a ritz cracker than whatever it is they pass around on those cheap platters....

    There have got to be betters ways to snub there "retentive" beliefs....

  • ozziepost
    though it appeals to my sense of humor

    I can just visualise it as a Monty Python sketch though!

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