Does the Bible scare anyone else here sometimes?

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  • gumby


    That is because I have full faith that they are the true representatives of God and Christ Jesus.

    Can you give me just one scripture in the NT from Jesus himself or one of the writers of the NT which says god would use "representatives" to guide his people? Jesus said he would send the "Spirit" as a helper and as a teacher. He NEVER said a group of men would lead his people for him. His words and his followers words, were recorded in the bible for ones to live by along with the help of gods "representatives" mentioned.


  • missy04

    I would have to say one of the things that disturbs me most about the witnesses would be the man-made my opinion, they follow alot of them.

    The Holiday thing.....OK here is my biggest problem with that: I have heard witnesses say that all the accounts in the Bible of holidays being celebrated turned out badly...the evil people were the ones celebrating..ect. blah blah blah. So therefore we shouldn't celebrate holidays. No, I don't buy that.

    Jehovah's witnesses have get-togethers with food and have drinks...what's the difference between celebrating a holiday and finding a reason to get together and have some fun?? I can go to a Christmas get-together or Thanksgiving with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, little cousins and my parents and not lay a hand on a not 21...and none of my family that is of age gets drunk either, or even drinks usually. Not that it would matter to me all that much unless they had a brawl...yah right..that would really happen.

    And I can see my friends who are not Jehovah's Witnesses and hang around with them every once in a while. If they drink, I don't have to. None of my friends have "spoiled good habits" of mine. Actually, in some cases, I've helped them to start good habits, and vice versa.

    The blood issue,..a blood transfusion saved my mom's life. Considering the fact that in the Bible I haven't read anywhere about not taking blood transfusions, I think everybody should be able to make their own decision and it should be fine.

    If I want to have peircings, I can have my peircings. You can say our bodies are temples of God or whatever it says in the Bible, (And I beleive what I read in the Bible), but if Witnesses can have their ear peircings, then I can have my eyebrow ring. (which i feel absolutely naked without, now)

    And we LIVE in the world. Where does a group of men draw the line as to what we should and should not do so that we aren't 'loving the world'? I think that basically means that we should follow our conscience..and if we do that we'd be doing fine for the most part.

    I won't follow any man made rule or a religion that revolves around them.

  • blondie

    Actually, people scare me. Without people, all the Bible would be is a collection of paper pages bound together.

    A screwdriver if used properly can do good, but if the person uses it as a weapon and plunges it into someone's head, it can do a lot of damage.

    People scare me.

  • Leolaia

    missy....You would enjoy Ray Franz' In Search of Christian Freedom. He gives a very insightful analysis of the Watchtower's system of extrabiblical rules (including the issue of blood) and shows how well it compares with the Pharisee system of rules condemned by Jesus in the gospels. The two situations compare very well. It is hard not to conclude that, like the Pharisees, the Society interprets the Bible (= Torah) and issues new rules (= halakha) that never existed in the original Scriptures (= Torah), giving "man's laws" the same weight as God's laws.

  • missy04


    That sounds like a good book,..I htink I've heard of the author before..

    The man made rules thing about the Witnesses is just the worst..I know Jesus wouldn't care for it at all.

    Just lost my best friend because of a man made rule..I am BAD ASSOCIATION!! They better run,..that's what she sees I guess.

    She told me to have a good time this weekend and it sounded a WHOLE LOT MORE like "Have a nice life."

    I am feeling very,....



    empty I guess.


  • LittleToe

    I'm going to say something that might sound trite, right now, but I hope beyond hope will take on added significance as time passes:

    Imagine, if you will, that you were twice the age you now are. You've just woken up from the WTS nightmare and realised how much of your life you've wasted especially on "friends" who you could lose at the drop of a hat. Many of us have found ourselves in exactly that boat.

    How would you respond to that, given that you would be half way through your life?
    I suggest that you'd look to get on with life and truly enjoy it!

    Coming back to the present, you are hopefully less than a 1/4 way through your life.
    You will be hurting some, right now, as is only to be expected. You're in good company, with that, with so many of us here having been through something very similar and empathising with you.
    However you also have our envy, that you have seen the truth about the "troof" so early and have your whole adult life ahead of you.

    Carpe Deum!!!

  • Narkissos


    I'm really sorry for that.

    There are tons of similar shunning stories on this board but that doesn't make this one any lighter.

    Maybe your friend will think it over again later, maybe she won't...

    You can't help following your way, step by step.

    Take care,


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