Does the Bible scare anyone else here sometimes?

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  • toreador

    a friend in need

    I believe the F&DS class are used by Jehovah

    How is it you base this assumption. Is it possible in your opinion that Jehovah uses other groups as well? If not why not? If the FDS has taught doctrine that later turned out to be wrong and even DFed those who disagreed with those doctrines that later turned out to be wrong what would this make them guilty of?? Running ahead of Jehovah maybe? Being presumpteous?

    Assuming to know the will or mind of God and claiming to be "directed by God" and then being wrong is not something to be taken lightly.

    Those claiming to be the FDS assume they have the right to destroy lives, families and friendships on "their" interpretataion of scripture which changes at will is not being humble at all in IMO.

    What is your definition of "spirit directed" and how does it differ from "being inspired"?

    Would God use an "uninspired prophet" to declare his destruction/annihilation of all those who do not listen to this "uninspired prophet" and believe/teach everything they teach as present truth?

    I would really like to hear your answer to these questions as they are questions have/am searching for myself.

    Thank you,


  • missy04

    my natural skeptisism comes from being used by people, hurt by people, and being very tired of it. : )

    Not that the Witnesses used me, in my opinion..I respect them in alot of ways. They put alot of effort towards what they think is right.....which i am really sad to say I feel is most likely a waste..

    In some weird way I'm afraid to say anything bad about them, for fear they could be right,...but that's just in the very back of my mind...I'm just paranoid.

    A Friend In Need,

    I'm sure I've missed lots of your posts.

    Were you raised as a Witness?

    You should really keep an open mind, too. For your own good. I hate to see someone being misled.

    I could go on and on about reasons why I beleive that the Jehovah's Witnesses are not the only true religion. I have had things happen to me that were not just imagined (don't worry...I'm not visions.)

    Once in a church vacation trip to Northern Mighigan at a resort kind of place, when I was like 12 yrs old, all the kids and counselors were in the chapel singing to some Christian rock music..after that, during a speech, the pastor, or couselor, whichever he was, invited anyone up to the front that wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts. Nobody stood up until I did, and then around 20-25 kids and some counselors went up to the front. They prayed, and it was just AWESOME. Cried so hard I couldn't breathe for no reason that I knew of.

    Whenever I am severely depressed or just down, scared of stressed out, if I have a hymn in my head, it just calms me. I found myself singing "Oh Holy Night" in the shower today.

    I once decided to end my life and walked past the kitchen table on my way down to the basement and saw a postcard from a church we'd never been to. It's topic was something like "ten things God never says". One was "I give up." I gave up on the idea for then.

    Could go on and on, like I said. Let your guard down a little as far as our opinions if you feel you can.


  • missy04

    I am having a very hard time leaving..I think the stongest factor that keeps me there,..for sure, is my best friend..a Witness.

    She has been very worried about losing me and has severe depression among other things. She was just bawling to me on the phone today about being afraid of losing me to the world. I don't think I could ever feel any worse for anyone or love a friend more than her.

  • missy04

    Oh, By the way, Jgnat,

    The red letter version idea thing is awesome...there has to be one around here somewhere..thanks lots.


  • seattleniceguy

    Hi Missy,

    I feel for you with regard to the situation with your friend. That's hard to go through.

    It may be hard to imagine now, but there are people out there who have a much fuller understanding about love and friendship than Witnesses do. One of the most fundamental aspects of true love is that you want and encourage your friends to grow, regardless of whether or not their new understandings happen to agree with your own understanding of the universe.

    When I was a Witness, I would have felt ill if a friend began to question his views on life. When it happens now, I am able to sit on the deck and discuss them with him, and be happy for him wherever he finds equillibrium. Witnesses say they care about you, but actually they care the most that you believe exactly the same way as they do. That's just not grown up. Real love is much more inclusive.

    With regard to your friend, who knows - maybe you can help her to grow? But don't let fear of loss prevent you from growing. Just keep reading, thinking, learning, growing. You can do it.


  • ozziepost


    I believe the F&DS class are used by Jehovah

    I'm sure you do, but I was hoping that you'd at least look at the scriptures to confirm that your belief was on solid ground, not sand.

    You see, I'm disappointed that you've not looked at whether the WTS' claim that it is God's channel is backed by scripture. Simply them claiming they have an elevated role as God's "channel" doesn't mean they are, does it?

    If you'd looked for scriptural backing you'd come to the same conclusion that thousands of others have, that christians are to be a "holy priesthood" (1 Peter 2:5) , a nation of priests. The WTs claims that this applies to just a select few who have a priestly role towards the "great crowd". But that isn't what the scriptures say. The NT doesn't speak of two hopes, but just one and christians have a priestly role towards the "gentiles", the world. It's really quite simple, yet the "teachers' of the WTS have sought to make it as complicated as possible. Why? because they don't speak the truth of God's Word.


  • a friend in need
    a friend in need


    Would you please read over all my postings here? Is there anythere there that says to you that I mean you any harm? I'm afraid someday you will look back at this and wish you'd listened. Your friend wants what is best for you - listen to her.

    Whatever decision you make now will be lifealtering. You COULD return to the society someday but the likelyhood is quite small. Before you make a final decision go to one of the elders ans ask for help. Most on this site will poo-poo that idea but try it. Worry about your own future, not what any of us has to say. What have you got to lose if you are planning to leave anyway?

    I'll be thinking of you,


  • Bubbamar
    Whatever decision you make now will be lifealtering.

    That is true... and it could be life ending if you ever need a blood transfusion.

    You COULD return to the society someday but the likelyhood is quite small.

    That's also true. I wonder why so few return to the "one true religion?" We must all be suicidal idiots.

    As far as going to the elders....just be careful what you ask or say to them. Even asking them sincere questions about the biblical validity of the claims of the FDS or about the flimsy 1914 doctrine can get you disfellowshipped. So if that's not what you want don't let someone encourage you to take such a dangerous risk. (that's my poo-poo on the idea!) You may be able to leave a bit more quietly than that. Just something to consider. You do have a lot to lose. If I had it to do over again I would avoid getting Df'ed at all cost. My dad and sister were both able to avoid it.....they NEVER went to the elders. I did.

    Afin - it is interesting that you have yet to post any scriptural support for you assertions. I have also recently asked my mom for support of her statement that God has "always" used a person or an organization. I didn't get any scriptures....she had a "headache." It is also interesting that you discounted Leolaia's (sp?) excellent and scholarly explanation of the puncuation issue and seemed to say that you have 100% confidence in the WTS translation of the bible. Yet it also seems you have no idea who translated it or what their qualifications were for doing so. You are just certain, that they are more qualified than anyone on this Board. Tell me, how could they be more qualified when college is so strongly discouraged - especially for the older generation. Do you really think the translation committee broke their own rules and went to college??

  • Leolaia

    ozziepost....That's a great scripture to defuse the claim that the "anointed" are limited to 144,000. Since when is a "nation" or a "chosen race" limited to just 144,000. That's a pretty small nation! On the question of whether there are two hopes or two classes of Christians, another great scripture is:

    "There is one body and one Spirit--just as you were called to one hope when you were called-- one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all" (Ephesians 4:4-6).

    No trace of a concept of another class of followers in this scripture, or of "another hope" for Christians.

  • Jez


    It helps to know that many of us have lost friends and family in order to hold tight to what we believe. I am in the middle of potentially losing my lifelong friend and sisterinlaw. We have been through life together. There is nothing that we have not shared with each other. Boyfriends, baptism, marriage, breakup of marriages, affairs, childbirth, parents with cancer...everything. Now she is thinking that she may have to give me up bec I am df'ed. I have been this way for 3 years, but now it bothers her.

    It is not my choice. I keep saying that to myself.

    I think of others here that have lost children over this. My own best friend right now has lost her son to this religion. They have turned him agaisnt her bec she left the marriage. He will not see her. CHILDREN! Their own!!! That, to me, puts things into perspective.

    Blondie once said to me, is it not better that you stay in a safe place, a place where your sisterinlaw can go to? Yes, as hard as it is not to please others, it is better I stay here and wait for her to see the truth.

    Take courage from others. Be calm. ((Missy)) Jez

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