Blacks and Voting

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  • roybatty
    Roybatty asked a question regarding voting patterns of Blacks. I answered it giving specific information as to why I thought most Blacks won't have anything to do with the Republican party. Say what you will but I think my point has been proven.

    Who said that blacks should vote republican? I just said they should vote for whomever them want instead of being "delivered" as a group and being told who they are going to vote for.

  • bigboi


    Why do you think most Black people vote Democrat instead of Republican?
    Because during the 1950's and early 1960's when the civil rights movement was gaining steam, the democrats supported this movement while the republicans did everything to halt them.

    That's all I wanted to know.

    Thank you for comin out. God Bless. Goodnight.

  • bigboi
    I just said they should vote for whomever them want instead of being "delivered" as a group and being told who they are going to vote for.

    I's tried....Lawd nos I's tried.....but i just hadda come bak fo this one.

    Dude, I never said anybody said blacks should vote a certain way. I just told you why I THOUGHT Black people voted overwhelmingly Democrat. I think you are deliberately misunderstanding this because it doesn't flush with your contention that they vote the way they do because they are told to do so. that just simply isn't the case. As the article I posted shows there is at least one very good reason most Black people have for not voting Republican.

  • roybatty
    I think you are deliberately misunderstanding this because it doesn't flush with your contention that they vote the way they do because they are told to do so. that just simply isn't the case.

    You're joking right? So here in Chicago when Mayor Daley goes to Jesse Jackson and says "pssst...I need you to make sure I get the black vote and in return I'll make sure you get blah blah..."

    It's probably not much differnt then NRA vote, the catholic vote, the rich white business man vote. All I'm saying is when I read read articles that sight the 50% drop out rate among black Americans or when I read about the conditions of inner city schools, I just wonder who's benifiting the most when blacks almost automatically vote democrat. Is it the black community or certain black leaders? Nothing has changed with these schools for the last 20 years. Why?

    But, whatever. I try and do my part through my church and through the YMCA. I'm sure most black americans could don't care what I have to say as I'm sure most white Americans wouldn't listen to your ideas. Perhaps that's the problem.

  • JT

    Teejay talked earlier about ownership, blacks still lag behind just about every other group except indians in terms of econonomic prosperity


    i have seen the data and it is truly sad, and in my opinion, No alot of excuses can be made- when my grandad said they were poor and broke they were- today that is not the case

    even folks who are below the poverty line you will see the cable, the cell phones, the designer clothes or you have blacks who have a few coins like another one of may neighbors

    he is self employed making a few coins,and spending every dime- he has a S500 for the wife, he drives a BMW 325i HIGH PREFORMANCE EDITIONS- He has a Navigator sitting on "22's" with spinners ( for my white friends that is 22 in tires/rims) smile--i know i am bad- smile

    as well a a customize PT crusiser and this summer he picked up a Ninja motorcyle- the funny part he complains about how it is so expensive to own and drive

    now his wife looks good with her "WEAVE" as she heads out in the AM driving that s500, but all these things DEPREICATE-

    so sad

  • JT

    With negroes like you around JT, it is a pleasure to be the man. :-D

    *suspect I may go to hell for this one*

    ########## see you "Ain't" no good- smile

  • JT

    It doesn't matter who stayed home. What matters is the people who actually showed up and were not allowed to excercise their right to vote.


    see you missed my point, i never said it was ok.

    the point i was making is that due to those who stayed home and the numbers are in the 10s of 1000's -- their numbers failed to make up for those who were not allowed to vote-

    are you saying that if every black person who was old enough to vote went out and voted that day it would not have matter????

    and that is the point, when they voice was needed THEY FAILED TO SHOW UP!!!!!!!!!!1

    the tactics of making it hard for BLACK folks to vote is NOT NEW MY FRIEND- read your history, so once again we are back to TELLING THE STORY, WHITEY MADE IT HARD FOR ME TO VOTE so i ain't going

    what do you think struggle mean- ========="Power is not given up by anyone- black or white, it must be taken"

    and in the case of this country that method is thru the vote -- black folks don't understand that --they can't blame whitey

    IF we devoted as much time to such life issues as we do to other issues we would not be in the condition we are in today

    does that mean we would be on the same level with the white community, probably not, BUT WE WOULD BE FUTHER ALONG than we are now

    i look at the blacks from africa and the islands -- they come here and in 5 yrs they got their own biz and homes-

    we cannot continue to tell the story and then wait to see what happens to us

    yes tell the story--like the jews who say "NEVER AGAIN"---------- and then move forward

    THATS MY 2

    for anyone to

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent
    I personally don't see the necessity in voting in the presidential election though, the only votes that matter are from the electoral college's votes.

    But don't you vote to say who the Electoral College votes for?

    Maybe you can tell your friends & brother that if you all vote, then you've got more of a say in the election than George W, George H, and Jeb Bush all put together... if your partners all vote too, then you've got even more of a voice than those guys and their wives...

  • funkyderek

    Oh, for f*** sake:

    I tried embedding, I tried copying and pasting and playing around with the formatting, nothing works properly so here's the link:

    This doesn't work properly either because of this board's delightful reformatting of ampersands, but it can be copied and pasted.

  • ThiChi

    ""So, are we arguing semantics now? ""

    (You mean like what "is", "is"?)

    No, just refuting false claims. Your implication was Reagan went out of his way to insult the Black race. And as I have shown, you have only propagated a Myth that hurts, not help, your race.

    ( Note: Due to the space time distortion of your reality, the intent of this message may be lost, confused or stolen.)

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