Extra Special effort for Dansk

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  • LittleToe

    Aye, you understood my meaning.

    Obiwan (and others):
    I know that Ian is really encouraged by folks thinking of him as and when they can.
    In some ways it's potentially stronger when in an impromptude way than in an organised effort, so it's good to know that you're doing that

    Would you mind posting the respective times, again, as I know you have that to hand.
    I've been glad of your weekly reminders - thanks for getting all this started

  • Sunspot

    I've been having trouble with my computer the last couple of weeks or so, but I HAVE remembered the "Tuesday nights for Ian" at our time here in the east.

    I also remember him in my "regular" prayers too, it's just SO important to me---especially seeing how it HAS been having a positive effect!

    The more we can contribute---and the more who will be involved---couldn't hurt, right?



  • Markfromcali

    I didn't think Ross meant more effort as he mentioned it in the initial post, what I'm trying to say is it doesn't have to take any effort at all, (so none in the first place) which would mean time constraints and other apparent obstacles isn't really a problem. I imagine everyone doing this does not believe space or distance is an issue, why would time be an issue?

  • Xena

    Why not let just people do what feels comfortable for them Mark?

    I'm not sure how much good I do, but I"m more than happy to try

  • Markfromcali

    Xena my whole point is it doesn't have to be limited in any way, it's just to point that out. It doesn't mean the way it has been done is wrong or anything, you won't hear me telling people not to do anything. I don't mean to detract from the subject of setting aside this extra time, but if there are greater possibilities wouldn't it be relevant and good to hear about? I certainly won't keep talking about it if people don't want to hear it, there's not really much to say anyway - the point is to do what comes naturally. The thing about posting is just that you're never sure if the point was communicated clearly when there isn't some kind of reflecting back.

  • Dansk

    I'm so grateful to everyone for their positiveness, whenever and wherever they send it

    I believe a more combined effort once a month for those who can't make the regular Tuesday evenings is a wonderful idea - not just for me, but for everyone taking part because it makes one feel good to know that they are contributing in such a way. I believe the more who pray the greater the power.

    I've already exceeded the prognosis of two doctors (I should have been dead already) so your efforts ARE working! The latest prognosis is that I should be dead in 5 months, so I'd appreciate any extra effort, such as Ross suggests, to turn that belief on its head, also!

    I'm doing all I can to survive because there is so much I want to live for. My tumour has brought new meaning to my life and so I don't look at it as an enemy, more as a manifestation of my body warning me to change my lifestyle, which I have done and am feeling all the better for. I should like to devote the rest of my life to helping others, especially those diagnosed with cancer. I now know what it's like to experience the whole gamut of emotions and of the immense importance of family, friends and somewhere to go to express one's feelings and to receive positiveness.

    Yes, cancer is a dreaded disease but it doesn't have to be a fatal one. We have a choice, to succumb or fight. I choose to fight, not because I am afraid of death, but because I believe I am responsible for my cancer manifesting itself in the first place. I have taken full responsibility and since doing so have actually felt the healing process begin. I do have some bad days, it's true, but with your help I CAN overcome them and end up being victorious. I genuinely believe that!

    I'm going for Reiki at 3.00 p.m. BST today, so if any of you feel like adding to the power please feel free. I have never felt so positive in all my life!

    Please never stop sending me your prayers, good wishes and vibes because they ARE all working. It isn't going to fully decrease the tumour overnight but I believe it is already shrinking. This is a team game. And remember, what you give you will definitely receive.

    All my sincere love, thanks and best wishes,


  • qwerty

    Just made my contribution again.


  • LittleToe

    I know that and you know that, and probably a few others too, but not everyone is in that boat. At the end of the day it works at the level of belief, which is formulated on our understanding. Hence for most (I believe) it would be more beneficial to be clocking in at exactly the same time as everyone else.

    Even though I know what you say is correct, regarding the [time / space / consciousness] trine, I still stay up past 1am on a Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, to contribute when others do. I know it's not necessary, but it's still more poignant


    And remember, what you give you will definitely receive.

    Perhaps more than many know.
    There's a school of thought that when the recipient eventually passes on (and in your own case I hope it's many years from now) that the sharers receive back that which they shared in spades.

    I'm glad it's continuing to help, bro
    Love to Claire and the boys.

  • ChristianObserver

    Thinking of you Ian and Claire. Here's to a good week for you and many good weeks, months, years and decades to follow.

  • Insomniac

    Any and all reminders to keep Dansk in our thoughts and prayers are certainly welcome. I'm glad that the combination of prayer, medical treatment, and Dansk's positive outlook has been helpful to him. Since it seems most definitely to have an effect, let's keep it up!

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