Extra Special effort for Dansk

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  • Princess
    I should like to devote the rest of my life to helping others, especially those diagnosed with cancer.

    You are truly amazing. After reading your posts, I find myself inspired to do more as well.

    Be well,

  • Markfromcali
    I've already exceeded the prognosis of two doctors (I should have been dead already) so your efforts ARE working! The latest prognosis is that I should be dead in 5 months, so I'd appreciate any extra effort, such as Ross suggests, to turn that belief on its head, also!

    Bah, they don't really know when you get right down to it. My thing isn't so much belief as it is the state of pure potential before any beliefs comes into the picture, in other words it's getting at that which makes the manifestation of beliefs possible. I'm saying not only is time not a issue in the effort, but as you can deduce that also implies spontanous healing is possible in this moment, right now. That it doesn't happen or hasn't happend doesn't mean anything, except that it hasn't happend, but dropping back into that beginner's mind allows for that potential. Can you imagine what is possible if you are always in that open state, continuously? Not only is there tremendous power in that but it is also a most enjoyable way to experience life.

    So perhaps on a practical note, you (whoever) might try doing this as a kind of potentiality meditation - not imagining any particular thing happening, but it's kind of like that state of focused awareness when the cat is watching the mouse hole, waiting for the little guy to come out. Just try it out and see, something just might open up.

  • shotgun

    Ian...this will certainly give new meaning to the phrase "It's that time of the month" although prayer helps with both.

    If thinking of you and your family on a regular basis is also helpful to know about besides the regular times mentioned... know this..... your thought of often my friend.

    Have a great day

  • LittleToe

    Tonight's the night.
    A little over 15 hours away...

  • Princess

    The countdown continues...11 hours...

  • ChristianObserver

    ....10 hours....

  • marie

    I dont have much to give but I am thinking and wishing you well

    Whilst at the same time admiring your strength

  • Sunspot


    Dear one, it's always so nice to hear how you're doing. We're all so happy to have you here, and posting and loving us as much as we love you.

    As far as the business of sharing our prayers and thoughts at a specified time---or not---I suppose doesn't make a big difference one way or another, does it? Do we REALLY know if Tuesday evenings as a combined effort-or sporadic heartfelt thoughts of whatever we believe in at other times of the day----are more beneficial? I daresay we DON'T know---or even have a handle on the process!

    Last Tuesday we were having a 16th birthday party for my autistic grandson, and I looked at the clock during the festivities and realized that it was ten minutes after the designated time! I was mad (disappointed?) with myself and felt as if I had missed a ride on a yacht by minutes and had to settle for a boat ride on a kayak instead. I'd still take the "trip" but I felt like I had indeed "missed the boat" and had to settle for going it alone.

    Whether it makes a difference or not---like I said---in one way, makes a world of difference in another. Knowing that it IS a combined effort in many spots of the world, a few moments of peace and love shared BY so many FOR another person---cannot be more uplifting or loving, IMHO.

    WE feel that we're doing and sharing whatever we can, and Ian knows this too---it's just a wonderful effort that makes all of us involved for a terrific friend that we care deeply about.

    There is no rule book to follow as far as HOW this should be carried out, but if it's from the heart---who can argue with that?

    On a lighter note---putting in "time" once a month is making me hear the theme to the "Twilight Zone" for some reason........and Shotgun's comment was priceless! (giggle)

    Love to all,


  • Sirona


    Good point. I personally don't think time has *that* much of a meaning in this sort of thing. However, setting a time is a really good way of doing it, we're all focused and sending energy at that time and we've booked it into our schedule.

    I still think that other energy sent definately gets to the destination, when needed.


  • Valis

    "Extra Special effort for Dansk" Hope You Are Doing Well Matey!The Good Soldier Svejk Sincerely, District Overbeer

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