No Trespassing!! Breaking news for local JW's.

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  • blondie

    BTW No SOLICITING is not the same as No TRESPASSING; different laws.

    The WTS has shot down No Soliciting laws in the past and recently in the courts, including on the US Supreme Court level.

    Whereas, the WTS has backed away from "no trespassing" issues and have told JWs that it is their own personal decision if they disregard these lawfully posted signs, that the individual JW will be responsible for all court costs and fines, and that the WTS will not necessarily supply a lawyer.

    I have seen several cases of this locally and the lawyer the WTS suggested was a brother with no experience in that kind of law; the brother charged lost and had to pay the fine, a fairly substantial one, $300 plus costs.

    Since the directive from the WTS to the congregations regarding "no trespassing," the JWs here skip over those houses.

    I would not pursue enforcing "no soliciting" requests, just check the laws in your area regarding posting no trespassing signs and keep them clearly posted. Follow the reporting laws in your area if JWs disregard the sign.

  • unclebruce

    Here in Australia the law of trespass is applied in stages depending on how you have defined your boundry. Laws vary widely between the states here but generally no fence, no sign means you can't really ask someone to leave and if you do certainly can't enforce a time limit. No fence and a 'Trespasses Prosecuted' sign means you can ask the tresspasser to leave within a reasonable time to (24-48 hours). A defined boundry with a fence and sign means you can ask them to leave immediately and on it goes..

    The law here states that free and unhindered access must always be granted to the front door. This is much more restrictive than England where the police seem to think they have an automatic right to come inside and nosey arround lol (hey I watch "The Bill"

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  • KW13

    haha, when i get my own place imma have arrows saying "Jehovahs Witnesses this way"

  • LDH

    Of course if Jehoober has all these court systems in the palm of his hand, what are the JWs afraid of?

    As a teen pioneer we spent many days in country territory field service (where this type of sign is most common). You didn't dare show fear of Satan's world while you were proclaiming Jehovah's Happifying News!

    These new J-dubs are pussies!

  • LDH
    It was a typed copy of our city's municipal codes pertaining to soliciting that he had carried in his wallet for years in a little plastic protector. It was always handy to pull out and shove in someone's face when they called the cops for his being at their door. It would be the highlight of the day for him to put it to use. Persecution, right on!

    That's what I'm talkin' about!

    Boldness in the face of persecution.

  • rebel8
  • Tea4Two

    To Jehovah's witnesses: Please come in, you are welcome, listen to what I have to say first....and accept my tract.

    Do you think they will ring my doorbell or run like hell?

  • DannyHaszard
  • gumby

    If a campaign could be carried out to inform the media and the churches as to HOW to avoid house calls by Jehovah's Witnesses through this means No Trespassing "violaters will be sued", perhaps the door to door work could be greatly reduced.....however, a campaign such as this rarely reaches the potential that it could.

    How could we make it work?


  • silentWatcher

    hey danny,

    you really should put a bookbag in the guys hand on the No-tresspassing sign.


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