No Trespassing!! Breaking news for local JW's.

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    Interesting, Blondie. Thanks for clarifying. Not that I'm gonna be needing this info.

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    How to instructions for Jehovah's Witnesses on casing the joint Jehovah's Witnesses fan out across region; say end is near and ...
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA - 6 hours ago
    ... He's been on the streets of Springdale Borough for about an hour with at least 10 other Jehovah's Witnesses, knocking on the doors of strangers in this quiet ...
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    Jehovah's Witness convention is expected to draw 10,000 Henderson Gleaner
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    Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA - 3 hours ago
    ... He's been on the streets of Springdale Borough for about an hour with at least 10 other Jehovah's Witnesses, knocking on the doors of strangers in this quiet ... It's 10:30 a.m. and a mix of sweat and rain bead up on the brow of Dave Hickok. He's been on the streets of Springdale Borough for about an hour with at least 10 other Jehovah's Witnesses, knocking on the doors of strangers in this quiet, leafy town to tell them the end is near. Mr. Hickok, 60, a mortgage banker, in his trench coat and smile, is a pleasant figure from West Deer who became a Witness 54 years ago in Seattle. He's joined by four other faithful, including his daughter, Jennifer Myers, as they march door to door. Not far from them is a team of five. And not far from them is another team of five. It's a scene that's playing out across the county and across the country as Jehovah's Witnesses, in an unprecedented effort, seek to invite as many people as they can to their annual convention. The yearly gathering of Witnesses, a Christian faith founded in Pittsburgh 136 years ago, is a huge worship celebration. This year, it has special significance because Witnesses are seeking to get out the word to millions of households that Armageddon, or the end of the world, is imminent. Or, as the invitation says: Deliverance at Hand. The signs are everywhere, Mr. Hickok said. World wars have ruled the current generations. Fear is dominant, especially with the rise of terrorism. There is a breakdown in family structure. The magnitude and frequency of earthquakes is growing. There is an increase in pestilence, such as AIDS. For Witnesses, there is no time like the present to share the message. And their conventions, with record numbers of people, are spreading across the country this summer before being launched around the globe. In Allegheny County, there are between 8,000 and 10,000 Witnesses. Before the end of next week, many of them will travel to Cleveland for the three-day district convention. In this district, which covers Western Pennsylvania and northern Ohio, there are 120 Witnesses congregations between here and Cleveland and their goal is to personally deliver the invitation to more than 5.2 million households. The evangelism, or field service, as they call it, which includes more than 5,000 volunteers, began about three weeks ago. Mr. Hickok is a member in the Cheswick congregation, where there are 100 people out inviting. There are 6.6 million Jehovah's Witnesses in the world and they believe the time is near when good will trump evil in a final battle that wipes destruction and sickness off the face of Earth and restores it as a Garden of Eden. They are serious about their field ministry. Each neighborhood, or territory, is mapped out. Blocks become circuits and each is given a full canvassing and then checked off so no Witness goes there again within a year. It's a calibration that's done to prevent repeat evangelism. Then there are ministry classes, where field workers are trained to speak, smile and make eye contact. When there is rejection, they are trained to leave graciously. "We never want to leave a bad impression because another Witness will be coming behind us," Mr. Hickok said. There is on-the-job training as well. Such as learning how to approach doorsteps . Joanna Parsons, a visiting Witness from Franklinville, N.J., offers a lesson in never approaching a home without checking for dogs. (Danny Haszard comment,this is called 'casing the joint') First you look, she said, a careful survey of the area. Then you pucker your lips to whistle, to see if you can call the animal. If there's a fence, you rattle the latch. If there is still no sign of a dog, she said, you send your husband to the door. Witnesses dress sensibly and conservatively so they do not distract from their message or offend. Mr. Hickok has on a pin-striped shirt and tie. The female service volunteers are in skirts and sandals. The Bible, which they believe is God's infallible, inspired word, is the foundation of their faith. God, whom they call Jehovah, is supreme; Christ is his son and is inferior to him. They shun worldly concerns such as Christmas, birthdays and voting. Members come from all social, economic and racial backgrounds and they worship and study in Kingdom Halls. Only men can be elders in the church. Though this is her first year as a field service volunteer, Mrs. Myers, who is eight months' pregnant, sometimes does 70 hours a month on the streets. She's out Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and, sometimes, Sunday. She's usually paired with Jennifer Armstrong, a stay-at-home mom who has done the field service for seven years. They've been to about 20 homes halfway through their service and hand-delivered two invitations, a typical percentage of the people they visit who allow them to come in, Mr. Hickok said. When no one is home, they leave the invitation under the mat or in the mailbox. The volunteers will note the address and sometimes follow up with a letter. As the group makes its way through the rain, a Springdale officer cruises past, twice. "There's the police," whispers Mrs. Armstrong, who adopted her mother's faith when she was 10. "People often call the cops on us because they don't know us from the neighborhood." Mrs. Armstrong's father, Robert Bernhard, a former Lutheran, eventually switched, too, and learned to read through Bible study with Jehovah's Witnesses. He's 75 and was with one of the other teams passing out invitations nearby. For years, the Witnesses have walked streets and stood on corners, quietly evangelizing by chatting about the Bible with their neighbors or passing out their journal, The Watchtower, which is published in Spanish, French, Korean and other languages. They've reached millions, but many still view them with doubt. Jehovah's Witnesses consider themselves Christian but are not regarded as such by Catholics, Protestants or Orthodox, who say that a co-equal Trinity is a key component of Christian belief. "The conventions give the public a chance to come out and see what it's all about," Mr. Hickok said.

  • DannyHaszard
  • DannyHaszard

    Cannibal caller Cannibal OAP fear 'for life'
    The Sun, UK - 5 hours ago
    ... Brave Doug fought back as the cannibal — believed to have called at the cottage earlier saying he was a Jehovah’s Witness — ate his thumb then bit off a ... By ANDREW PARKER CANNIBAL attack victim Doug Morgan almost died from shock after his crazed attacker started eating him alive, police said yesterday. Doug, 75, — who recently had a triple heart bypass — had his thumb bitten off and chunks chewed from his body. He was still in a serious but stable condition in hospital last night after the bizarre attack. A police source said: “There was a fear his heart might not stand it. He was very ill.” Our front page yesterday told how a laughing maniac leaped through an open lounge window in the early hours of Monday as Doug and his wife Val, 72, went to bed. Brave Doug fought back as the cannibal — believed to have called at the cottage earlier saying he was a Jehovah’s Witness — ate his thumb then bit off a nipple. A cop was also bitten at the home in Lyonshall, near Hereford. Last night pal Derek Williams, 83, described the couple as “lovely”. JAN Ometac, 27, has been charged with attempted murder. The Slovakian was remanded to a mental unit.

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    UK posted sign for 31 years

    UK Sign posted 31 year

    Woman in doghouse over Jehovah's Witness sign
    Reuters - 8 hours ago
    LONDON (Reuters) - A British woman has been ordered by police to take down a sign on her garden gate which read "Our dogs are fed on Jehovah's Witnesses.". ...
    Jehovah's Witness joke fails to amuse the police
    Woman Receives Complaint About Jehovah's Witness Sign All Headline News
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  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Ok I want to know how to make a sign, I am good on my computer but have not spent much time ever messing around with Photoshop, I want to make a sign like the kind that has No Trespassing with the hand holding the gun but change No Trespassing to No Jehovahs Witnesses, and still with the picture of the gun. I would totally hand that up in my window.

  • carla

    I posted a letter of Cease & Desist on the thread titled 'Do not call' ? It is good for one year. I have the original sent from Brooklyn about me not wanting visits, on the back of the letter to the cong, (dear brothers) is some old wt stuff about being able to go back in a year because the householder may have moved, changed mind, etc.. I have given out quite a few and many have made copies and send them at a certain holiday so they remember to send a new one each year. I have some of the 'no jehovah witness' stickers if you want one pm me with your address. They look like a no smoking sign. I think I got them originally from MacGregor Ministries.

  • DannyHaszard

    Roses & Raspberries
    Battle Creek Enquirer, MI - 19 minutes ago
    ... To the Jehovah's Witnesses who ignored a "No trespassing" sign, went another 75 feet to my front door, opened and left ajar the storm door and stuffed your ... To the Jehovah's Witnesses who ignored a "No trespassing" sign, went another 75 feet to my front door, opened and left ajar the storm door and stuffed your paperwork into my door. The money you spend on pamphlets would be better spent on teaching your witnesses to read! Obviously your material is unwanted, but more to the point, you invaded my space. The word rudeness does not even start to explain your ignorance. Who do you think you are, opening other people's doors? This is pretty close to criminal action! - Marcia Moan, Battle Creek Send items to "Roses & Raspberries," Battle Creek Enquirer, 155 W. Van Buren St., Battle Creek, MI 49017

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    Letter to the Editor about jw's

    Article Launched: 08/20/2006 03:23:48 AM EDT

    There were witnesses

    Daily Record/Sunday News
    Aug 20, 2006 — "Thorns" to the couple driving a blue car that was handing out unsolicited "invitations" to an upcoming religious event door-to-door in North Hopewell Township below Winterstown on Aug. 12 between 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. Our two children "witnessed" your damaging our flower bed and house number sign as you backed down our driveway. Did you have the common decency to stop and inform us of your accident? No. You had to know - you were on a steep bank as you backed onto the road. Our attempts to locate the car were fruitless. Thankfully, the damage was repairable. In the past, we have always been very courteous to uninvited visitors from this religious organization. If you truly feel the need to continue to share your information regarding Jehovah door-to-door in the future, then please respect the property of others and have a conscience. KIMBERLY P. GRIFFIN
  • james_woods

    Two or three points I thought of on this:

    1. Back in the sixties, we were told numerous times that we were not "soliciiting", but were actually using our god-given constitutional rights of free speach to spread the good news. If people did not want to listen, then they could dam well say so to our faces. We were also told to approach a "no JWs" sign as kind of a challenge. Make these jerks come to the door and back it up! If we were to get arrested, then that would be a "glory to Jehovah".

    2. As a practical point, did it not occur to the society yet that practically nobody of child-rearing and working age is at home during the weekdays? There are not too many nuclear families anymore that can afford to get along without all adult members (and most of the kids) working. This business of going door to door for 8 hours a day while "pioneering" may very well need a rethink.

    3. Other posters are absolutely right - it always was all about the money. In the olden days, this was the fast track to selling books and magazines and keeping those presses rolling. Nowadays, we are seeing the nasty twin devils of potential lawsuits and the inability to "sell" the stuff to a fixed price without paying sales tax. Hence, the layoffs and constant whining for money from other sources.


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