Are we heading for III World War?

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  • abiather


    You can make fun of people. That is your choice!

    After the World War II, Nosterdamus predicted 57 years of peace (In fulfillment we actually experienced PEACE only 56 years and 9 months)

    From brick to marble, the walls will be converted,
    Seven and fifty peaceful years:
    Joy to mankind, the aqueduct renewed,
    Health, abundant fruits, joy and honey-making times. 
    - Quatrain 10:89

    1945 + 57 = 2002. The symbolic great event that would change the World History forever happened actually three months before, Terror King struck on the Super Power in September 2001. This seems to be the act that would finally lead the world into the World War III

    Even America itself became a surveillance state with its introduction of NSA--see what happened to PEACE?!

  • LoveUniHateExams
    Abiather blithely, brokenly babbles about bad bible boding - it'd be pleasant if abiather positively prattled on about any projects planned by people in the progressive West. 
  • DesirousOfChange

    This thread sounds like how I imagine the GB meetings would be

    Or a car-group in Field Service.

    OMG! The End(TM) is Near!


  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "After the World War II, Nosterdamus predicted 57 years of peace (In fulfillment we actually experienced PEACE only 56 years and 9 months)"

    So you mean there was no Vietnam war? There was no cold war? There was no Iran-Iraq war? There was no war between North and South Korea? No Soviet invasion of Afghanistan? No war in Lebanon? No war in Liberia and other parts of Africa? Really? Oh how we conveniently re-define peace in such a way as to ignore all the wars that have happened since WWII, just so as to give validation to Nostradamus' prophecies! LOL

  • sir82

    Oh god, now we've got abiather & Perry forming a coalition.

    First it was the Socialists & neo-nazis in Greece, now this.

    What unholy confluence of astrological alignments occurred to allow this?

  • DJS
    I have no qualms, none, about making fun of religiosity ridiculosity. And now your'e throwing in Nostradamus for good measure. Really? I mean, really? And I'm NOT supposed to  have fun with that? Really? 
  • DJS


    If you don't want me to come out and play, frame your OPs as scriptural discussions. One of my prime directives is that I don't get involved in scriptural discussions and I don't enter/contaminate them. Check my posting history, and you will see I am truthful.

    But framing your OP as the imminent start of WWIII? You WANT me on that wall to come out and play. You NEED me on that wall to come out and play.

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    Ignoring the scriptural stuff and going with the question framed in the OP, I honestly doubt it very much. Everyone of these people, especially the leaders, knows how bad the world wars were and they are not interested in repeating them. Things would have to be seriously bad for that to happen and I doubt it will get that far very much. nobody wants that massive body count repeated or, God forbid, out done.

  • OnTheWayOut
    I won't say that WW III will or will not happen out of this.  Who knows?  (Well, apparently Perry knows.)
    But when the current situation doesn't lead to the installment of the Anti-Christ and an army led by King Jesus, I want an apology from Perry.  I want you to finally state that your beliefs are ridiculous and full of confirmation bias.  

    When I started reading this thread I was tempted to respond to Abiathar and Perry. DJS saved me the bother with his spot-on comments. 

    Abiathar and Perry, the comic duo, remind me why I left the JWs and finally abandoned all religion and belief in a sky daddy who talks through humans in riddles. I do honestly believe it is a form of mental illness.

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