Still Demonstrating/Prostesting at the KH and Support is Growing

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  • StinkyPantz
    If only the woman had been a "very very white trash redneck" then it would have been funny to everyone.

    I don't think that would've been funny.. Try speaking for yourself only, and not "everyone".

  • Corvin

    Xandria, I think you need to get a grip on your hypersensativity and stop accusing me of attacking someone because of race. That is PURELY your interpretation and it has nothing to do with the way I feel and what I really said.

    Please stop turning this thread into a racial issue, for we have gotten way off topic here.

    Simon, please lock this thread and/or re-delete the above posts that have anything to do with the racial issue, for it is completely out of place here.

    It was rightfully advised by a mod last night that any issues one may have with me should be taken to pm's. I agree and do not understand how the posts got undeleted, but whoever undeleted them is doing a disservice to this board by allowing this to continue, IMO.


  • Xena

    edited cause Big Tex said it better

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I don't see hypersensitivity, I see a reasonable reaction to an unreasonable statement/position.

    I see no reason for this thread to be locked.

  • Soledad

    Corvin, Xandria, et al.

    I don't think Corvin's description of this woman is offensive. Once he elaborated on how this woman actually sounded (Charo) it made sense to me that he would find it funny.

    As a latina who attended Spanish-speaking congregations all her life, I know the latino approach to witnessing--they'll talk to anyone at anytime. In my experience these folks are the most zealous with regards to getting the message out because they have to work very hard at overcoming an obstacle-laden JW life, one that is very much in conflict with traditional latino values.

    I also think that wednesday's comment was right on point: if she had been a very very redneck woman we could relate better and find the humor in it. I think it's hard for most of us to relate to a very very hispanic woman on the same level.

    just my 2 cents.

  • truthseeker1

    IF Corvin said she was stupid because she was very hispanic, then that would be considered racist. If he said she was hispanic and did something stupid, then he is pointing out that she was a stupid person who just happend to be hispanic. He was using adjectives to visually describe a person he had an interaction with. Should we criticize him for giving us a clearer picture of what happend? NO.

    Had he said "a person came up to me and asked me what i was selling", we would have been left with all sorts of questions. Like why did this person not understand what I was doing? Because Corvin added some ethnic description, doesn't mean he is racist.

    If I was to say I my boss is Asian, does that make me racist? Nope, it means I have a boss who is Asian.

    If I was to say I know an asian person who is dumb, does that make me racist? Nope, it just makes me know a guy who is dumb and who happens to be asian.

    Adding the very descriptor also doesn't make it racist. My mom acts more Norweigan than I do, so I would consider her very norweigan, and myself just plain old norweigan.

  • Balsam


    Over the 29 years I was a JW I saw protesters at conventions. I can't tell you how much I wished to talk to them to find out why they were doing it. Of course my then JW husband would never have permitted me to do such a thing. But boy do I wish I had back then. You keep protesting, people who go to the KH's need to see something is wrong. This covering up child abuse by the Elders is simply sick. If we don't speak up how will they know. It took me years but finally I talked to those who had lerft the JW's and I found their reasons for leaving were as sound as were mine. It gives your girls a voice too. Just make sure you follow the court rules so you don't compromise your case.

    Hugs to you all,


  • Corvin

    Okay, here is my final thought on this racial thing. It is a non-issue with me. My descriptive words WERE to paint a clearer picture of the comedy. It was funny to me. I am no more a racist than those who are objecting. I have been the victim of racial hate because I was white living in a predominently black and hispanic neighborhood while growing up. You are not the only ones who have been victims and whites are not the only ones who vicitmize.

    To the non-whites: Have you ever referred to a white person as "a gringo" or "a whiteboy" to describe them when with others from your culteral background? If you say you never have, I do not believe you because I have been among ethnic groups and they say some pretty interesting things that if taken wrong could seem like racist comments. If you have, that's fine by me and why should I take it as racist for it is a fact that I am very very gringo and I am a whiteboy? If you did use such terms to describe a white person, were you intentionally being racist?

    If you were offended, I apologized and made it clear that it was not my intent to offend or make racist remarks, and the fact is that I DID NOT make racist remarks. YOU TOOK IT THAT WAY. If you continue to be offended and want to keep making it a thing, it is your problem, no mine. What do you want now, a pound of flesh? whoops, another racist remark on my part.

    Just knock it off, you are being silly . . . not because you are hispanic, but just because you ARE silly. What's the matter? The drama battery in your utility belt running low?


  • Corvin
    What do you want now, a pound of flesh? whoops, another racist remark on my part.

    My apologies to anyone who might seem to be very jewish by mel brook's standards.

  • outbutnotdown

    I hope that this does not add to the "race" conflict...... it is intended to help put it in perspective.

    I have a friend, who I greatly admire and love, despite the fact that I think he is a little sensitive to the race issue, who HAPPENS TO BE black. In the city where I live, there is a Blackacres Street and a Whiteacres Street directly across from each other. One happens to have condos on it, while the other has houses. He is of the opinion that white people conspired to put the cheaper units on the Blackacres side and the more expensive houses on the Whiteacres side, because after all, ALL white people have always thought that they are superior to blacks.

    Like I said, I love him, despite this quirk, but I do not take offense to his comments about whites. I am not a racist, so him accusing me (in his big lump of ALL white people) of being racist does not bother me. Why should it?.... I think he is a great guy. But I will not take it to heart..... I also try to avoid the topic, since he is sensitive to it, but his judgement of white people hurts only him. Any whites that do take offense to it hurt themselves.

    My point is, Xandria, that (without trying to be insensitive to you), you should take a look in the mirror before you start judging Corvin. IMO, when he said she HAPPENED TO BE hispanic, I was convinced that he was not a racist.

    Besides, his topic is far too important to have accusations that are unfounded, to be distracting people from the bigger point.


    Keep up the good work, but, like others have said here, make sure you keep in mind what the Judges may think about your protesting. If it doesn't make you look irrational, then hats off to you. I am in a battle with my ex and her family, too.............. and yes, even though I try to be a peaceful person, with little conflict in my life, sometimes there are BATTLES that we have to fight..... for their importance is too great to sit passively by.


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