Which dog breed do you like?

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  • Odrade

    Cockers! well, this one anyways...

  • bisous
  • Odrade

    LMAO @ lil brat!!! Lemme tell you about this dog. Hubby and I went over to Bisous' house. Her dog ran up to my husband (who is not a dog person) barking and snarling. Well, seems he wanted someone to "chase" him, LOL, but it scared the crap out of hubby. hahahaha! priceless.


  • Panda

    Valabradour and Gumbeagle, Here you may each have a doggy treat for imagination... good grief no catfish would have you!

    These posts are great. I get a bit cheerful when I read everyones dog stories. Did anyone see the recent Discovery Ch. show about the domestication of dogs? Apparently it's not the way we've always thought. The dogs chose humans to follow. Humans didn't go into the woods and steal puppies!

  • Valis
    Did anyone see the recent Discovery Ch. show about the domestication of dogs?

    Now if we can only domesticate the Gumbichon Frise...


    District Overbeer

  • Panda

    V, House trained? Ditto for the Val-kormorandar ... I've heard about your hair and this is the dog for you! I havent heard about Gumbichon frise's hair???

  • Nat-Oz

    Mini Daschunds!!!!

  • Dansk

    I love German Shepherds (Alsations) but last year we purchased a female border collie from a rescue centre. Rosie is such a beauty that we went back to the centre and purchased another, which we called Sally (who came over from Ireland and has about as much border collie in her as myself!).

    Sally is beautiful and so is Rosie, but I have to say I've never seen such intelligence in a dog as I've seen in Rosie. German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, but I think border collies are top of the pile!


  • Sunnygal41

    Akitas, Boxers, Basengis, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Huskies..............

    Forgot some: Weimerners, Great Danes, Pit Bulls...........

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