Which dog breed do you like?

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  • Badger

    Nina should chime in about the assets of Bassets...

  • nb-dfed

    I have two boston terriers, so I guess you could say I'm partial to 'em. The poor babies were "fixed" today. My boy, Bubba, is getting around really well, but my little girl, Gemini, is having a hard time! I work at a vet, the best job in the world, cause I get to play with dogs all day.

  • cruzanheart

    Okay, Badger, I'll chime in! Sorry, guys, but I've been basset busy all week with Moose's operation and post-op recovery. He is doing beautifully and wanting to eat everything in sight to make up for the IV all week, but we have to restrict his food and give him little meals every couple of hours. Miss Ladybug, when she saw him yesterday after an absence of four days, licked him all over his face, then sniffed his incision and promptly pottied all over the floor. Yeah, that would spook me too.

    Here are some photos of my babies, starting with my all-time favorite:

    Miss Ladybug:

    And the $2500 eyes:

    I see lots of overtime in our future . . . .


  • WildHorses

    Nina, that puppy of yours is to cute for words! I'd love having one just like him.

  • wednesday

    we have a Golden Retriever. She is very sweet and good with kids. my hubby likes Huskies and excuse the spelling-Malumouth (pronounced Mal a Moo). However, both of the last twso breeds can be testy and difficult, one killed our family cat (gutted her and tried to attack me when I went to pick of up the remains of the cat. He went straight to the animal control to be put to sleep. They have a Huskie relief, or something foundation to help these dogs, b/c they can be contrary and agreesive at times but i told the people at the shelter to put our dog to sleep. not only had he killed the family cat, but he was nealry biting our hands trying to take food out of it. the people at "mans' best friend" told me that when dogs become agressive like that, there is not much they can do and u can never really trust them again. Usually it is best to just put them to sleep.


    My son has an Oreck hound.Obviously that is not a real breed,but the reason I call him that is when he was a puppy ,my son had a doughnut he was getting ready to eat ,it slipped out of his hand and before it was halfway to the ground this little rat terrier FLEW INTO THE AIR and swallowed the do-nut before they both touched ground again.

    This little dog inhaled an object that was half of his size!Needless to say everyone present was impressed! I wonder what he would do with a bowling ball?



    I forgot to mention that my first dog was a beautiful Collie. Her coloring was the black pre-dominant tri-color.She was poisioned when she was only one and one half years old. It still hurts to think about that after all these years.


  • MelbaToast

    Shar-peis, that what my boy Sampson is.....Hes the biggest teddy bear of a dog that Ive ever had....I am also in love with any kind of retriever or Boxer....or Collie, or Bull Mastiff, or chihuauas....or anykind of dog really I love em.

    Pic of my other baby asleep on his couch.....

  • DebraDoll

    We have two pit bulls! I have raised them for years. They love the kitty, bunny (who is a loose house guest sharing the kitty's litter pan, and sleeps in the dog food dish, during the winter!), and most recently they are quite intrigued and a little afraid of the Pekin Ducklings (12 days old)! Here's Baby-Bella before her "Cherry-Eye" surgery;

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    BEEEEE-YOOOOTIFUL, Nina! Just gorgeous!

    Frannie B

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