Rutherford Exposed: The Story of Berta and Bonnie

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    There is a lot of detail here, Leolaia, and I will have to take notes to address it all. Let me give further perspective on the family and come back later with more detail. Frank was the oldest in the family. He had a brother, George, and four sisters, Rae, Lona, Carrie and Berta. He had two sons Carroll and Leslie and a daughter, Virginia, or, Mary Virginia, my mother. Frank did live on North Main Street in Akron. I had been there many times in my childhood. My mother's mother died when she was 35 years old of tuberculosis. Rae and Lona told my mother who was five at the time, that she would see her mother again in Paradise. Later, Frank remarried, but the marriage did not last long. She was very mean to my mother, the evil step mother. I think I made a misake about Berta working in a factory. My wife said that, but I have no recollection. Perhaps, my wife remembers what was written about Albert in the Census. Berta as a clerical worker, still did not give her the credentials to be a dietician for Rutherford. During the great depression, Frank worked as a crane operator for BF Goodrich, and did also have a moving business, which he lost as a result of the depression. I remember in the '50's he had boxes in his attic of stuff that people wanted moved, but never came back to get it. Frank liked to smoke cigars and I liked the smell of them in his living room. He looked like Winston Churchill. He told me once that if life had been different, he would have become an attorney. He used to make fun of the Witnesses. Regarding hell fire, he said to me on several occasions, regarding hell fire, "we used to believe in the fire works". In North Carolina, he and his mother were responsible for establishing a Methodist church. In Ohio, he never went to church. He told me that he found God in nature.

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    I just wrote a very long post, but I hit the wrong button, so let me try this again. Frank is my grandfather, he had a brother George, and four sisters, Carrie, Lona, Rae and Berta. He had two sons, Caroll and Leslie, and one daugher, Virginia or Mary Virginia, my mother. The two sons were born in North Carolina. My mother was born in Akron, Ohio. When she was 5 years old her mother died at the age of 35 of tuberculosis. At the funeral, Rae and Lona comforted her by saying that she would see her mother again in Paradise. Her father later remarried, but it was was short lived. She was mean to my mother, the evil step mother, and my grandfather divorced her. My grandfather did live on North Main Street. I was there many times in my childhood. In North Carolina, he and his mother helped establish a Methodist church. In Ohio, he never went to church. He told me that he finds God in nature. In the depression, Frank was a crane operator at BF Goodrich and he had a moving business. He lost that business because of the depression. I remember 20+ years later that he had stuff in his attic that people wanted moved but never came back to get. Frank liked to smoke cigars and I liked the smell of them in his living room. He looked like Winston Churchill. He told me once, that if life had been differnt, he would have liked to have become a lawyer. Frank Denton was Carrie's husband. Carrie spent most of her adult life in a mental hospital after Denton woke up one night and found his wife standing by the bed with a knife in her hand.

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    Besides the obvious, I've picked up several tidbits in this thread.

    Having been a Knorr era JW, the reference to his overlooking JFR's sins was new to me. Perhaps, I bought into the image: "a little gruff, but a straight shooter."

    Blondie mentioned a basic thread running through all the Rutherford books. That brought to mind the old phonograph record I used to play with as a kid:

    "Jehovah is the True God.

    Satan the Devil is the false god.

    Jehovah has an organization.

    Satan has an organization."


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    Thanks, larc, for both your posts -- they clear up quite a few things, like who George Teel was, and I guess the census-taker merged "Frank S. Teel" with "Frank Denton" (or did Denton also have "S." as his middle initial?). I am amazed how much you can bring these dry names recorded in old census lists back to life by telling your family story. Some really interesting stories. I hope I was also able to shed some light on your own family history.

    Any comments on my last post? Looks like Bonnie and Rutherford were living together in 1930 when the census takers made their rounds. But who was this Donald Hosbeth (sp?) guy who was also living with them? He had the same job, as secretary of "religious papers".

  • larc

    I want to thank you for all the imortant work you have done on finding facts about my family. Yes, I can take the dusty facts and bring them to life, because I lived it or knew people who did. Could you do me a favor? Could you contact me at: [email protected] I would like you to look up a few things for me, but they are not related to the subject here.

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    TMS, Knorr certainly knew about the relationship between Rutherford and Berta. In 1939, Rutherford, Knorr, Berta, and Bonnie and William Heath traveled to Europe together. Why do you think that Knorr let Berta off the hook when she confessed when she was in her 70's? It was because Berta and Knorr were good friends.

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    Farkel, of the stirring the pot CLASS just sits back and watches the Good Times Roll! Carry on folks. Carry on!


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    Nathan Natas

    Hey Farkel, do you got any fotos of Berta in an open nipple bra and crotchless panties? You can keep the ones of Ol' Joe in same...

    I've decided to become a researcher too!

    hubba hubba!

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    Just to clarify a few things, the census-taker originally listed Bonnie Boyd as a "servant" of Joseph F. Rutherford, and then wrote over the original and corrected it to "lodger". Mistaking her for a "servant" would be understandable if she were living in the same residence. Most residents at Bethel were listed as lodgers, while the dormitory head was listed as "Head". For instance, in Bethel dormitory #15 at 124 Columbia Heights, Frederick W. Franz was listed as "lodger" (with the occupation of "clerk at publishing house") while Edward Luck was the residence "Head". In the case of Bonnie Boyd, she was "lodger" and Rutherford was the "Head" of household.

    The age difference is quite stunning: 60 years, as opposed to 31. Donald was 34, closer to Bonnie's age. What is known about this man? Did he also have a relationship with Bonnie?

    BTW, if I were so inclined and had the time, I could produce a complete roster of everyone residing at Bethel in 1930 -- complete with employment info, place of origin, and war veteran status.

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