Rutherford Exposed: The Story of Berta and Bonnie

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    Thanks for the info Leolaia,

    You're a champ (and saved me a lot of work)


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    I love reading this stuff. Thanks for all the research.

  • MerryMagdalene
  • MerryMagdalene
    Do we have the info on when Bonnie Boyd Heath died?

    The SSDI has a Bonnie Heath born 17 July 1904 died August 1979
    De Kalb County, Georgia
    SSN 260-19-4045


  • Leolaia

    Yup, Merry mentioned the piece of evidence that had convinced me that July 17, 1904 was the correct DOB for Bonnie Boyd. Of course, it was the month and day "July 17" from the passenger list that made such a link obvious. Now, when we look at all the evidence, it is obvious that Bonnie concealed her true age on many occasions. Let's review them one by one....

    (1) On the 1930 census, Bonnie claimed to be 31 years old, and thus presented herself as born in 1899-1900. She was really 26.

    (2) On another European trip with Rutherford in 1936, Bonnie claimed to have been born in 1896 (!) and thus as much as 40 years old! This was eight years in excess of her true age. Here is the passenger list from the S. S. Statendam, sailing from Southampton on September 19, 1936:

    Note that though the year is wrong, she correctly gives the same month and day.

    (3) On another voyage (on the S. S. Elena, sailing from Los Angeles on 1 May 1937), Bonnie indicated her DOB as July 17, 1902 and as 35 years old. She was really 33. Here is the passenger list from that trip:

    And again we have the same month and day "July 17".

    (4) And finally, we have the SSDI record and the passenger listing from the S. S. Normandie (posted on the previous page of this thread) which claims that Bonnie was born on July 17, 1904. I am pretty sure this is the real DOB, assuming that her SSN was based on info from her birth certificate (as it usually is today). She also claimed this date on another voyage in 1938, of which I'll post more later.

    Now, what is interesting is that in all these cases, Bonnie tried to claim to be older than she really was. For someone born in 1904, she sometimes claimed to have been really born in 1902, other times claimed 1899 as her birthdate, and other times claimed 1896. Why was she trying to hide her true age? Was it because of her association with the much older JF Rutherford?

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    How curious! Leolaia, great research, as always. Have you looked for any local (De Kalb County) obits for Bonnie Heath? (I don't have access.)


  • VM44

    Bonnie's birth certificate would be best proof of her birth year/date, as she certainly couldn't have lied on that!

    Why did Bonnie feel the need to lie about her age? So what if she was younger than Rutherford. Weren't they always traveling in a group of people anyway?--VM44

  • VM44

    I wonder what Rutherford's son thought if/when he read that Bonnie was like an adopted daughter to Rutherford? --VM44

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