Rutherford Exposed: The Story of Berta and Bonnie

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  • Abaddon

    Farkel - an interesting post, good information but I'd go easy on the comments regarding underwear...

    1/ There is no Biblical law against such items

    2/ The Society has never outlawed such items

    3/ Her wearing the items herself is based upon an assumption she would wear identical versions of what she gave as gifts

    4/ It makes you sound like a sexually frustrated kill-joy or religious prude - one or the other.

  • larc

    Cyberguy, no we do not have copies of the film. In fact, I did not know about the film and Berta's confession to the elders until this subject came up on the other thread. Abaddon, it seems to me that for an unatached sister to wear such items would be frowned upon. Isn't it true that elders can question a sister about wearing thongs these days, and thereby questioning her sexual motives. Even without this consideration, the atire that Berta wore was out of character for an annointed pioneer sister. These gifts from Berta to her sister, were, in fact, items that Berta had worn.

  • GermanXJW

    How comes that Bonnie Boyd-Heath was getting married to another man when she was the mistress of JFR?

    This story sounds as if she was JFR's mistress than suddenly got married to another (BTW very rich) man and at once JFR changes her in for another mistress.

    Sorry, just asking what comes up my mind...

  • Undecided

    I heard Rutherford speak at an assembly when I was a little boy and have spoken with Nathan Knorr personally and I didn't like either one. They had an attitude of arrogance that was so apparent. If that is the type of character that God loves, I am lost for sure.

    Ken P.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Im sure there must be a Grassy knoll moment here somewhere.....................

  • gumby

    Minimus.....I have a pair of JFR's crotchless underwear he wore while he was pokin that little whore berta.....wanna see um? They both wore those undies so's they didn't hafta take off their clothes. They did a lot of "quickies".


  • minimus

    Gumby, only if you model them for me.....

  • Farkel


    : How comes that Bonnie Boyd-Heath was getting married to another man when she was the mistress of JFR?

    There is far less circumstantial evidence that Bonnie Boyd and Rutherford messed around than there is with Berta Peale. I never flatly stated Bonnie was a mistress. I only used her to show the rather amazing similarities between her and Berta: they both broke strick Bethel laws and nothing was done about it. They both lived and traveled with the Judge. They both rose to the top of the Bethel heap in an incredibly short time. We know that Rutherford thought very little of women, yet Bonnie called him her "adopted father" and Berta said he was like a husband to her.

    Let the readers draw their own conclusions.


  • minimus

    "I never flatly stated Bonnie was a mistress".......You're right. You haven't flatly stated that Berta was either. I guess JFR has been exposed.

  • undercover

    Interesting expose. Thanks to the Farkeled one and his cronies.

    I can pretty much buy into it as is reported, but I can see where the red dot is coming from too. Since there is no "real, definitive" proof outside of testimonies and heresay, no JW is going to accept it as fact. While I find the history of the early church somewhat intriquing and more proof to me that I am better off away from these nuts, it would be impossible to use this information to show JWs just how hypocritical their church is. Once they're questioning and on the way out, it might help, but not before.

    It would make a great movie. The story of an egotistical maniac who wrestles control of a religion from it's founders, turns it into a book publishing empire, makes prophetical claims in the name of God, declares the end of the world and then is caught in compromising situations that goes against the teachings of the church, causing the resignation of the leader and the breakup of the church as the feds investigate it for fraud and tax evasion. Of course a murder has to take place somewhere along the way also.
    Printed under the main title: "Based on a True Story".

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