Rutherford Exposed: The Story of Berta and Bonnie

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    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a story!!!

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    LoisLane looking for Superman


    Thank You So Much for coming on this Board and posting.

    I just got in and checked this thread.

    Ummm. Ok. No mysteries. No cover-ups. OK. Good. The children truly belonged to the caretaker and wife. I can put my mind to rest as to with had happened to "the children". They were loved and brought up normal. What a relief to me eKaiser. I have seen a lot of evilness done to children and I felt afraid for those children being brought up around Rutherford & Friends. If I had a "bucker list" of things I wanted answers for, one would have been about your Grandpa Joseph and Great Aunt Bonnie, and what had happened to them. (Sigh of relief.)

    Sounds like your Grandpa & Great Aunt Bonnie, had long and happy lives. Wow. That is great. That puts a smile on my face.

    After reading a number of things about Rutherford, I realized he was a master BS'er. A "Magnificant Bastard". HIS manmade religion, ruled over millions of humble sheep, that were bamboozled by a cruel manic mastermind. Has anyone ever heard the word "Charismatic Leader"? There is no way, shape or form that Rutherford can ever be thought of as a "Christian" man, let alone a "Charitable" man. A lying, evil man, yes. An "anointed" man of God? Oh, give me a break!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting eKaiser.

    You may PM (private message me, if you would like).

    I would like to ask you if any of Joseph's or Bonnie's decendents became Rutherford's Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Just Lois

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    Are there anymore threads on this? Updated info???????? Inquiring minds need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey there,

    Sorry guys, didn't mean to leave anyone hanging. I have been at home with the kiddos for the holiday.

    The truth is that I don't know what went on there, and I would not want to speak on it on bahalf of the Balko's. I am, regetfully, not as well aquainted with Bonnie's family as I would wish. I am just not good at extended family ties I suppose.

    From what I understand, Bonnie's side of the family are practicing Jehovah's Witnesses. On my grandfather's side, I do not think any of us are. My mother and one of her sisters still identify, but no one is active. My great grandma was till the end. I was not brought up as a Jehovah's Witnesses, and I am woefully ignorant of the doctrine and history. Seems like anyway :)

    I will be visiting my parents this coming weekend and am hoping to grab a few photos if you are interested. I can scan and post on Monday.


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    LoisLane looking for Superman



    Thank you for coming back.

    The information you have is invaluable.

    You caught my comment in the above, that your Grandfather and Great Aunt Bonnie and what had happened to them, were on my Bucket List. Right?

    It is part of my personality, to care about people, and what has happened to them.

    You may private message me if you like.

    Yes. Please talk to them. Pictures would be wonderful.

    Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing from you on Monday.


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    ekaiser83.....WELCOME! It is a pleasure to meet someone else who is a relation of the people mentioned in this thread. I hope we have helped fill in some information in your family history. I wouldn't expect Bonnie and Joe would have been known as "Princess" and "Prince" beyond the reference to them in the Messenger, but that is the language that was used. I would really like to know if there are any family stories about Blanch and August. I would be all ears!! I have surmised in my research that Blanch was already good friends with Bonnie Boyd and her mother Virginia when they lived together in Houston, Texas, in the 1920s, and that is probably the reason why 1) Blanch named her daughter after Bonnie and why 2) the Balkos had the privilege of moving to Beth Sarim to work there.

    Interesting that Joseph's middle name was Clark, not Barak. I wonder if there was a change, or if the Messenger had incorrect information. So Bonnie's family are still JWs but not Joseph's side? Did your grandpa leave the JWs, and if so, did he and his sister still get along okay?

    I would love to see some photos...are there any available of Blanch and/or August?

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    Bump.....ekaiser83, come back!

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    Leolaia you have a PM or will in 5 min :)

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