Rutherford Exposed: The Story of Berta and Bonnie

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    On page 14-17 of this thread, Bonnie Boyd’s husband, William P. Heath, Jr. (an heir to the Coca-Cola fortune), is discussed.

    Athanasius, a poster on JWN pointed out that “According to William P. Heath, Jr.’s testimony at the Moyle trial (pg 1259) [in early 1940], he said he became a JW in 1932. Before that he said that he didn’t belong to any organized religion, though he claimed to have attended many churches (pg 1295.) Also of interest is the fact that Heath’s mother was also a JW. She originally became a Bible Student in 1915.”

    Of note is the following newspaper clipping about William P. Heath, Jr. that I just found in a pile of old JW-related newspapers that were given to me earlier this year:

    The Evangelical Beacon,

    August 21, 1973, page 2


    ATLANTA (EP) -- William Heath, 70-year-old heir to a substantial Coca-Cola company estate, says an “invisible directive’ from God assures him he is going to heaven.

    At the Jehovah’s Witnesses meeting here Heath claimed he is one of the “anointed 144,000 who will go to heaven and serve as kings with Christ.”

    “I got an invisible directive from God” he explained, adding to a reporter for the Atlanta Constitution, “It’s something you feel.”

    Heath, whose father, Dr. William P. Heath, was a vice president with Coca-Cola and one of the developers of the original Coke formula, said he first realized he was anointed in 1931 when he was 28 years old. He was among 40,000 attending the Witnesses’ five-day convention here.


    Heath had to know quite a bit about the Bible Student religion if he received an “invisible directive from God” to be one of the anointed. He said he realized he was anointed in 1931 at age 28. (He didn’t say baptized, but anointed.) Further, in the Moyle transcript, Heath said he had studied WT books and the Bible for seven or eight years before he became a minister and that would have meant his interest in the Bible Students began around 1923. He married Dorothy Smith around 1929 or 1930. A year or two later he claimed that he was anointed and there is no evidence that his wife was interested in the Bible Students.

    After his anointing in 1931, Heath said he met Rutherford in 1934 and went into Bethel in 1937 as a married man but separated. He and Dorothy were divorced in 1938 and Heath married Bonnie Boyd one-week later.

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    Barb, I have this great photo of my parents with Bonnie and Bill swilling cocktails (circa 1960). If only I could find it. When I do, I'll post it to this thread.


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    It would be great to see a photo of Bonnie and Bill. Is she wearing a hat in the photo? A relative of Bonnie told me that she was famous for her extraordinary hats that she wore most of the time.


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    I don't believe she was, which would make it a rare photo.

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    Marked! Can we bring back more histories on the WT? I love learning real history, un-whitewashed.

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    Just think....Jesus searched the ENTIRE PLANET and decided "Judge" Rutherford in NYC was the MOST Faithful and DISCREET human he could find....hummmmm. Does that make any sense???????

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    avent seen anyone post about it, the link has a pdf on it of the court documents, and it looks like the stamp is from 5/12 but its blurry.. .


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