Do you like your name?

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  • Country_Woman

    I like my name too: Branda Leonora Janna - that is, the first two then. I hate the third which was the name of my fathers first wife who died I think 9 years before I was born, Probably because there was a son from this marriage who was 11 when I was born.

    As a kid, I was called "Brenneke" . That was changed by a school director who was thinking that "Brenneke" (pronounced like the "Bren" part from Brenda ) was to childish.......

    I was'nt much disturbed: As far as I know, I am the only "Branda" in the world. (and no, it is not pronounced as Brenda)

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I hated my name. I was known by my second multisyllabic name for 15 years.

    The broken condom meant that now they had a child and it was just before Armageddon. There would not be silly enough to have another accident like that so they used up all their favorite multisyllabic names on me. Enough to ensure that no form ever has enough room for them all.

    I got really anti and forced them to change to using my first name, Chris, when we went to Oz. God help anyone who uses my full Christopher. I don't like that either.

  • TresHappy

    As a child, I hated my name...but for the past 30 years I have liked it!

  • Valis

    Yes I always liked my name, except for the 9th grade where the teacher couldn't pronounce my name to save her life...She called me Treyvis all the time.....Other than that as I enjoy travelling I often find myself at a crossroads or traversing something or another..hence the etymology of my name...also my great grandfather was a sheffif in Arkansas and his name was Travis...definitely some irony thrown in...*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • desib77

    Happy maybe...

    hehe, nope......even worse. In fact it may have only been mentioned once in the bible...possibly twice....and my mom had to find it.

  • ApagaLaLuz
    Branda Leonora Janna

    Hey Country Woman, you and I share a name :)

    When I was in school in I always wanted a normal name and sometimes I'd tell people my name was Lisa, just because it was normal and easy to say. My first name is Jana and people forever get it wrong now, I hear Jenny, Jenna, Jane, Juana, everything but my actual name which is pronounce Jan-ah though my parents and a few friends I grew up with still call me Yawn-ah, which was the original pronounciation but I change dit when I started school. And as for my last name, well that one is far to complicated, and no one ever gets it right. I always just tell them, if they say it fast enough I dont even pay attention. I prefer it that way now though :) I love unique names, it gives a better sense of individuality.

  • recoveringjw


    Now I am really curious about your name......

    Is it....Ashtoreth? Asenath? Azubah? Basemath? Bernice?Bilhah? Chloe? Damaris?Dorcas (which is the Greek translation of Tabitha)?

    If it makes you feel any better, my name is from the bible and it means "House of figs" (according to one site I looked at)

    Bethany (of the I don't really like figs class)

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    as a child I was given two names, one legal and one used. I did not really know about the legal one until I was 12 and when I found out, I was horrified as it was an ethinic name which did not rhyme well either.... I was raised with Joe John Frank and Anthony, etc.... I did not want them to learn my "real" name. I swore to my mother that I would one day change it....she told me it was my grandfathers[dad's father] name... and I could not use my middle name, John [my other grandfather], because my youngest brother had that as his first name.

    I tried using my legal name in the new school, Jr. High, and it felt really odd, but somewhat exciting, like I was pretending to be someone else... but I still did not like the name.

    2 years after my grandfather died, I suddenly remembered my promise to change my name, and I was living in Ma. at the time and discovered it only cost $35.00 to change ones name legally... I went ahead and did it...but I also change my last name and dropped my middle name too...did not fit with my new name.

  • desib77


    I sent you a pm...

  • CoonDawg

    As a kid I hated my name. My name is Ernest (shortened to Ernie, of course) When I was little, sesame street (a children's show here in the states) was just getting popular. One of the characters was named Ernie...and he lived with his good friend Burt. So, obviously when I got to school, all I ever heard was "Hey, Ernie, Where's Burt??" I hated my name so bad that in second grade I decided to change it. Unfortunately, I didn't bother to tell anyone else. I simply started turning in papers at school with the name "Dennis" on them. Inevitably, the teacher was returning graded papers and got to mine. "Who's Dennis?" Mortified and beet red, I retrieved my paper and decide to go back to being Ernie because at least then I only got laughed at by the other kids. This Dennis thing brough the teacher to raccous laughter too.

    Finally, I was in Junior High school. Most of the kids realized that the whole "Where's Burt? " thing was old. Then that putz, Jim Varney started making those stupid "Ernest" know..."Ernest Goes to Camp" "Ernest Goes to Jail" "Ernest Saves Christmas"...His sidekick was now it was "Y'know whut I mean, Vern?"....GRRRRR

    I am proud now that I know the heritage of my name. I was named for a mountain of a man, my great grandfather, Ernest Perrot who worked hard all his life and was a good man. I can live with it. It was a bitch to grow up with it,in addition to being a witness too.

    Burt & Ernie (Ernie is on the right)

    Ernest P. Worrell

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