Do you like your name?

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  • gwyneth

    I used to hate my name as a child, as no one could pronounce it. I would answer to anything remotely close.

    As I got older, I really liked it because it was different and sounded old. Now that there is a famous actress with the same first name, it doesn't get mispronounced so much. And I prefer the long version, not the nickname.

    My last name before marriage was very plain and went well with the unique first name, but my married name is really, really German, and the Welsh and German do NOT roll off the tongue easily. I had a choice to change my name back when I got divorced, but my lawyer said it would be better if I had the same last name as my child, so it wouldn't be confusing for her or her school, friends, etc., so now I have two names that are hard to pronounce.

    Speaking of obscure bible names, I soooo wanted to name my daughter Jael when she was born, but my husband put his foot down. He was and is unmercifully made fun of for his first name, and didn't want any name that would cause our child distress from teasing. ("How about Hannah?" "NO! She'll be called Hannah Banana!") We named her Erin, and she is being teased at school by being called Aaron Carter (a teen pop singer). ("You made my name sound like a boy's name!" she angrily tells me. You can't win.)

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Growing up, I never liked my name. It's my parent's middle names put together. It's somewhat uncommon, but it's the spelling that always gets people confused. Even after 18 years, my sister-in-law STILL misspells it! Though, I have learned to take it in stride because it happens so much. I also answer to the variations of pronounciation.

    But, what really used to get my tamale hot was that I could NEVER, EVER, buy one of those cool bicycle license plates as a kid. Geez, I hated that and was willing to change my name to Debbie, Anne, Betty, ANYTHING so I could get my hands on one of those babies.

  • nb-dfed

    I love my name, it's unique. But I've always been called by my nickname, which sounds kind of like an air-heady name to me.

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