What grammatical errors bug you the most?

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  • Unclepenn1

    I really hate it when people confuse 'loose' and 'lose'. For example- I need to loose some weight before I fit into those pants. or I hope our team doesnt loose the basketball game today., Drives me nuts!

  • Terry

    There are errors of pronunciation that tell me the person speaking does not read and has only heard the word spoken (and misheard, at that!) An example of that:

    EK Cetera instead of Et cetera

    I heard on a Twilight Zone episode about the Battle of the Little Big Horn: "The Seventh Calvary". (Jesus must have fought that battle.)

    Using the word genre and pronouncing it John druh.


  • dmouse

    Spelling, grammatical and typing errors don't really bug me that much. Language is so complex, and typing so prone to fumbles, that NOBODY gets it right all of the time.

    I will mention one not mentioned before though: when people say 'In Jesusez day' instead of 'In Jesus' day' or similar.

  • Golf

    Scully said it best, "I'm sure we all have bigger fish to fry..."

    Guest 77

  • glitter

    I will mention one not mentioned before though: when people say 'In Jesusez day' instead of 'In Jesus' day' or similar.

    IIRC, Jesus' is right, Jesus's is wrong - *however* it's only for Jesus or something; James' and James's are actually both correct.

    The toothy "zusses" sound that's made with a "s's" is irritating though!

  • TD

    The only one that really gets under my skin is the mindless JW invocation of the partial predicate, "Abstain from blood."

  • ApagaLaLuz
    None of them....life is to short to worry about petty stuff like that.

    Ha! I agree with Xena. I'm probably one of the worst offenders. I know the difference between to and too and your and you're. I just get so excited sometimes and carried away with my typing, I make plenty of what I would consider typing errors. For instance, I constantly type teh instead of the. I know it annoys some people; some have actually made comments to me about it. I think if you know what I mean, then why split hairs dissecting everyone's grammar. Then I kindly remind them I actually am a published magazine writer, so it's not that I'm dumb, just lazy.

    Chevy of the 'sure hope she didn?t make too many errors in this one because that would be embarrassing' class

  • recoveringjw

    I have lots of little language pet peeves, but I try to keep them to myself. I make a lot of mistakes that probably drive people nuts. I am hyphen and comma happy and I have never been able to get the difference between affect and effect. I always have to ask someone else.

    Typing errors are, in my humble opinion, more easily forgiven. One of the grammatical errors that makes me nearly homicidal is when a person uses irregardless rather than regardless. I also have a hard time with people NOT using an when it should be used. I have heard people speak this way and it always surprises me. To me, saying, " I am not a English teacher" is actually more difficult to say than, "I am not an English teacher".

  • JAVA

    "I seen it" gets to me.


  • willyloman

    At the risk of going (slilghtly) off topic, I was rocked by what someone posted a few pages back:

    Discrete - unique and separate. Discreet - showing discernment.

    I went (I go?), "Aha! So it's really the 'faithful and discrete slave,' isn't it?"

    See? they're "unique and separate."

    Oh, never mind.

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