What grammatical errors bug you the most?

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  • glitter

    "Should OF" sends me into a murderous rage, as do "COULD care less", "apple's" and " "free" ".

    Terry - I use semicolons!

    People's problem with its/it's is how we write possessives: "the dog's" "the man's" "Emily's" - "it's" *seems* perfectly reasonable. I can see "it's" eventually becoming acceptable.

  • WildHorses
    "Should OF"

    Guilty! I slip up at times and use that instead of should have. Oh well, i'm only human.

  • patio34

    What is interesting to me:

    Affect and effect: the affect causes the effect (usually).

    Stationary and Stationery--the latter contains an "e" which is the beginning of envelope.

    But what bugs me are the ones that I can't remember myself! For instance, when positively to use I or me. Or further vs. farther; or lay vs. lie. I've looked those up more than once but it doesn't stick, so I avoid them!

    What gives me a chuckle is when people use was instead of were in cases such as "If I were you. . . " or "If I were to go there . . ." You use were instead of was when it's conjecture, when it's not fact.

    Sometimes people say "I seen . . ." instead of "I saw..."

    I like what Winston Churchill once said about learning a foreign language: "I'd rather learn English well."

  • StinkyPantz

    I love semicolons!!!

  • Scully

    Reminds me of a joke I heard a while back:

    A lovely southern belle was on a plane seated next to a very prim and proper school-marm-ish Yankee lady. The southern belle tries to start a conversation with her seat mate:

    "Sooooo, where are y'all from?"

    The other woman looked at her disdainfully and huffed: "Where I come from, we don't end sentences with prepositions," and turned away in disgust.

    The southern belle, thought for a few moments and tried again: "Sooooo, where are y'all from, bitch?"

  • glitter

    I've heard children say, "I played football with Mark today; I be'd Michael Owen." I like "be'd". :D

  • WildHorses

    LOL Scully, that made me laugh. Sounds like something I would say. I try to speak correctly but when someone acts like they are better than I, it brings out the worst in me.

  • jgnat

    Jehovah mispronounced GEE hovah. You'd think if God Almighty were so particular about his name, His followers would at least pronounce it right. Or more properly, YAHWEH.

    "I don't want no mushrooms." I figure I have another twenty years of marriage to sort that one out.

    Discrete - unique and separate. Discreet - showing discernment. Should be discreet, even though we know they are not.

  • Farkel

    : There are others that bug me but this one is the worst.

    Stuff like that used to bug me a lot more than it does now. I also fall into those lapses, too: its, it's, your, you're, there, their, they're, whose, who's and other stuff.

    Such lapses are only of interest to pedants. If a person communicates an idea and uses a word improperly, but the idea is conveyed exactly as intended, is the idea diminished by a lapse in grammar or spelling?


    On the other hand, a single comma placed in a Bible verse in a language that didn't originally use commas has separated the WTS from other religions. This comma supports THEIR dogma and negates other dogma, even though the original language didn't even HAVE commas.

    To paraphrase, Jesus said on his execution thingy to the other poor schmuck who was also being executed on that execution thingy:

    "Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise."

    Translation: that other schmuck would die and join Jesus in paradise that very day.


    "Truly I tell you today, you will be with me in paradise."

    Translation: Jesus was telling the schmuck TODAY that he would be in paradise whenever paradise occurs.

    It's all about commas. NO! Let me restate it: It's all aboutbullshit! God should have done a better job protecting HIS book than he did. Loser God!

    If you want to mince words about improper spellings of words that mean the same thing, then fine. But what about stuff like commas in the BIBLE that change the ENTIRE meaning of what was conveyed?

    The existence of the WTS as an organization depends upon the proper insertion of a comma as I've just shown. If the comma (or pause) belongs after the word "you", then JW dogma is screwed. The sinner on the execution thingy got salvation upon death. If the comma (or pause) belongs after the word "today" then the whole statement, which is WT dogma is idiotic.

    Why? Because if Jesus said "truly I say to you today" one has to wonder when speaking in the present tense how could Jesus say something to that guy on the execution thingy at ANY OTHER time than "today" when he was speaking to him at that very moment? Could one say, "truly I tell you yesterday," or say "truly I tell you tomorrow?" NO!

    Dubs are idiots and the NWT was written for idiots who cannot see something as simple as this.


  • Preston

    What grammatical errors bug me the most? It has to be every time they use the expression "back there" in The Watchtower to denote a period of history. I did a post on this:


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