What grammatical errors bug you the most?

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Oh I hate when people say *nu-cu-lar*. It sends shivers up my spine. Does Shrubbie just do it to irradiate people? <grin> I'm SURE someone has told him that it is wrong and irritating to people, so why does he keep doing it?!

    Another factoid that really disturbs me is that when I see posts (not necessarily here, but all over the Internet) that teen-angers have posted. The spelling is frightful in a majority of the cases. These are the people that are the future of our nation? Yikes! It's not just the cutsie little shorthand typing, as in: C U L8rz!, or silly nonsense like that. It's the actual spelling of words even when they're not trying to be cutsie. Very scary.

    Do they teach the kids using the phonics system anymore, or has that gone the way of the dinosaur? How do they teach them now?

    Country Girl

  • TresHappy

    "I aint gonna..." although I say to it my spouse when I'm mad at him!

  • outnfree

    Their, they're and there. Accept and except. Your and you're. Their are more, accept I can't think of any more at the moment.

    You'res truly,


  • truthseeker1

    Funner is the only one that bugs me.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Another one that I've seen popping up lately is "conversating." Egads...

    Country Girl

  • nb-dfed

    "Axe" instead of "ask" makes me crazy! I also can't stand it when people say "brefast" instead of "breakfast".

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