Into the mystic (an experience).

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  • El blanko
    El blanko

    The following I wrote to a friend this morning and doctored slightly for this forum. Can any of you relate to this kind of mystical experience and if you would be kind enough, would you mind me quoting any experiences listed to my friend?

    Please be aware that the letter uses language to detach me away from the Watchtower (thus church, instead of congregation etc).

    I am looking for profound synchronicity and mystical events, rather than the Watchtowers lack of concern for former members

    -----------> The letter

    A friend of mine used to be a devout Christian and belonged to an organization who had, and have, incredibly rigid standards concerning personal conduct.

    Due to circumstances he found himself in and several things he chose to do, he was rejected by the Church and effectively cut off from their community. Publicly it was announced that he was to be avoided by members. This is known as "disfellowshipping".

    1 year after this happened to him, my friend grew tired and very depressed. He was a man in his mid-50s and lacked a circle of friends, due to being rejected by a community of people he grew up with, who no longer associated with him.

    The acts that drove him away from the community ceased around 6 months after being disfellowshipped, so to the church, he would have been clean, yet they have procedures to run through in order to reinstate members.

    Part of the church policy is to actively seek repentance by sending out an elder (a Church leader) to interview the disfellowshiped one. This failed to happen and 1 1/2 years had passed by already, leaving my friend in a state of depair. He felt within himself an utter failure and lacked the confidence to reach out to the church.

    So, I decided to intervene.

    I did not feel comfortable myself having a face to face shoot-out with one of the local elders and felt it necessary to project my thoughts in letter form.

    I thought about the letter for maybe two weeks or so and then one morning I knew that today was the day.

    When I say I knew, it were as though an invisible chord had been pulled and I became alert to a higher presence operating outside of the objective realm.

    That morning I felt in a dream world and quickly wrote the letter whilst in this mode of detachment. The letter to me was perfect and expressed the feeling of the moment with ease.

    The problem I then had, was how to deliver the letter.

    I popped the letter in my bag and set out towards my friends house and knew that I would be passing an elders house along the way.

    As I approached the road, where the elder lived, suddenly I had the same mystical feeling come over me and it was as though I were suddenly 7 feet tall and slightly beyond myself.

    I then had the thought that the elder would come out of his house and I would pass the letter on to him.

    I struggled with a divided sense of self, as my mind tried to convince me that the probability was slim. I also felt it necessary to fight this division and employ a little faith in the mystical.

    20 yards or so away from this mans house my heart began to pound. I was not anxious as such and felt no fear, yet still felt that I was beyond my normal self and connected to what I can only describe as free-flowing spirit.

    The scene unfolded as my mind had predicted.

    The elder appeared in the frame of his door. He stepped out of the house and casually walked down the path, crossed the road and proceeded along the pathway just ahead of my current position.

    Due to my pace, we met quickly and I touched his shoulder.

    He turned to face me and I smiled at him, passing the letter to him. I asked him to consider the contents and share the information with the other members of the body.

    He took the letter and walked away. Then inside of me, the chord retracted back to where it came from and it was as though I had been disconnected from a greater sense of reality.

    I shrunk back inside of myself and continued the journey to my friend's house.


    This may appear on the surface to be nothing but coincidence, yet I can assure you all that the event to me was profound.

    I felt like a petal flowing along with a stream, unable to stop the motion of events.

    I had walked down the road and past this elders house many times, yet never had this man appeared and walked out of his house in front of me.

    This experience felt extremely odd and out of synch with 'normal' reality.

    Yet, I accept that this mystical experience will never be anything but 'my own' .... and that is part of the problem when expressing what we perceive individually as the supernatural.

    It could be argued that the event was a sychronicity, yet this leads back towards a mystical explanation.

    It could be argued that this event were simply random, and the feelings of elation and abstraction were due to a touch of aprehension and anxiety.

    I have looked at this situation from every conceivable angle and still to this day feel it beyond my absolute comprehension.

    This episode may be small, yet spiritually speaking it moved me greatly and kick-started many explorations of self after the event.

    -----------> finis

  • Sirona


    What did the letter say? Why was it so significant (the letter, I mean)?


  • LittleToe

    Can any of you relate to this kind of mystical experience and if you would be kind enough, would you mind me quoting any experiences listed to my friend?

    Things like this happen to me on a regular basis. I've sometimes just looked at someones picture and KNOWN that I would meet with them and have a message of importance to deliver. The timing is the element that brings in a deep sense of awe, for when these things happen with frequency you stop writing them off as "coincidences". "Synchronicity" is a far better term.

    I don't usually air such experiences in public fora, especially this one, where they usually get trampled on by the hyper-skeptics. I'm open to discuss such things, though, and often do in face-to-face situations.

    If you want to talk on the phone, feel free to PM me your number.

  • El blanko
    El blanko


    Hi - thanks for the interest. I can't really divulge the contents of the letter publicly as I have been made aware that a member of the congregation monitor my posts here, after a sc-called associate passed on my identity.

    (and for the sake of that one and the others who have nothing of value within their lives ... I fart in your general direction )

    As an outline though. It was an ongoing situation with the body and my friend had been with the congregation for over 30 years and was cut off completely. This cutting off occurred shortly after his fathers death and during his mothers break-down. What masters of timing these wise men chose!

    Anyway - after learning the circumstances I expressed harsh judgement through the letter towards the body and defended the character of my friend.

    Going into detail here is probably bending the mystical experience out of shape slightly - it was all very odd at the time!


    I'll be honest, I don't give a damn about what others say about my own experiences. I know they were very real at the time to me and that is all that ultimately counts. I don't mind an adverse opinion at all and welcome the inspection of events.

    Thanks for the offer by the way - but, I am hiding under a rock at the moment and behind technology.

  • El blanko
    El blanko

    Hehe - here is another one for the pointless to scoff at:

    A short while after the letter landed I had another odd situation arise.

    We all get spam-mail land daily in our inboxes, or most of us do.

    Well, I had a strange spam-mail arrive one weekend.

    The spam-mail had the name - smith* elder (*please note, that in the place of 'smith' was the forename of a key elder in the congregation where the letter was sent and this particular forename is very unusual).

    The contents of the spam was of a sexual nature and this particular elder has had one or two problems of a sexual nature over the years.

    Anyway - this particular elder, out of all the members of the body visited my friend that weekend.

    Weird eh! - plus, I had that same weird sense of greater realities when the mail landed.

  • LittleToe

    I'm sure you don't mind being challenged, at all.
    All I can say is that when you've been subjected to it for two or three years, it starts to get very old.

    Besides, raw text doesn't do justice to expressing the experience in person.

    I'll PM you my number, in case you feel like bending an ear some day. Meanwhile, I can sympathise. I trod that lonely road, for a while, too.

  • El blanko
    El blanko
    I'm sure you don't mind being challenged, at all.
    All I can say is that when you've been subjected to it for two or three years, it starts to get very old.

    Thats very true. I have been challenged on many occasions face to face over the past few years.

    Thanks for the PM

  • Robdar

    El blanko,

    I have had these experiences many times. It's an awesome feeling and it always works out.

    Pay attention--to that small voice, that mystical experience and you will have many wonderful adventures.

    Wishing you the best,


  • Greenpalmtreestillmine

    El blanko,

    Quite a few exJWs have experienced things similar to what you described. Some feel it's God's spirit others are not sure what to think but they know for sure something was happening outside of the realm of the five senses. I know of a few exJWs who have met at different places and at different times without ever communicating with each other. Not kidding, they know where the other will be and when.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.


  • Narkissos

    I can relate, especially when I think of the few months before and after my D'Fng. A lot of things like that occurred to me, from semiconscious details (such as going to pick up the phone just before it rang) to issues more meaningful to me (such as the prayed-for encounter of a friend who had experienced a similar spiritual itinerary, although quite independently from me).

    I would not call that "supernatural" though. There are intense circumstances in life which just tune you into the reality which surrounds you, and while you cannot explain how you know the things that will happen and affect you, the fact is you just know them. It is amazingly simple. I liked your phrase

    I felt like a petal flowing along with a stream, unable to stop the motion of events.

    That is exactly how I felt.

    My only word of caution would be: just as you didn't choose to experience this sort of things when they occurred, you cannot (magically) make them occur when they don't. And this is a very humbling experience in itself.

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