Would You Outlaw Jehovah's Witnesses If You Had The Power?

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  • Odrade

    I'm not in favor of outlawing either, for many of the same reasons posted. Freedom of religion means just that. How about the "Church of Elvis" right here in my very own Portland? LOL... hmm, wonder what it takes to get shunned from there...

    All kidding aside... I would like to see them forced to full financial disclosure. I'm curious about how much $$ from donations goes directly to the "Legal Defense Fund" and in particular, to defense against civil suits. Most 501c3 organizations do provide a detailed financial statement to any who ask, and at the close of the fiscal year. Keeps things aboveboard.

    I don't believe anything can be done about the shunning doctrine... they have that right, no matter how perverted it is. But I would like to see them held legally accountable in courts when they take this action against a minor, or if they do it unjustly, or when they pursue someone who has had no association with the Organization for xxx amount of time. Wishful thinking.

    I would like to see every member who preaches door-to-door be subjected to similar laws governing door-to-door salesmen... permits, registering with the county, whatever.

    AND, last but not least... i would like to see them lose their case for permission to build their monolith in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood. What a boondoggle!


  • dh

    if i had the power, i would make it law that the wtbs had to buy prime advertising space and time to broadcast the real truth about what the watchtower society really is, i would also make it law that every week there would be debates on tv between the top guys at the wtbs and whoever thinks they have the knowledge to beat them in an open and fact based debate, this would be on television, radio & internet.

    i would also make it law that in schools children are taught the truth about jw's and their history.

    i would also take all jw assets and appoint a panel of judges as guardian over them, in such a way that as long as the tower was out to take money from people and own things and recruit members with lies, they would have to get permission from a panel of non jw judges for anything they as an organisation or as individuals of that organisation wanted to spend on things relating to that organisaion.

    being the fair person i try to be, i would also give them the option of keeping all the money and splitting it between their members if they admit openly that they are not gods appointed channel and that they have been making it up all along, and that they agreed to a rigorous program of decultification of its members. there would also be a clause that would say 'no person who is a member of jehovah's witnesses on the date of this contract can ever publish a document interpreting the bible without approval of a panel of non jw judges'

    ...and if that didn't work i would say that they really must have jehovahs backing!

  • Gerard

    I'd ban any cult who destroy families and let die its folowers when blood tranfusion could save them.

  • Badger

    As a vigorous defender of the first amendment, no.

    But I'd crack down on Bethel slavery and child abuse...

  • DaCheech

    I wish there would be some high profile newsperson, who weekly would submit 5 minutes of the

    news' airtime to telling people the truth about the "troof". Showing old stuff that never happened, and

    people and dubs would see that reputable people are reporting this stuff.

    P.S. I've been on the news 2 times this week (cbs - New York)

  • stillajwexelder

    no - no way - they willl go away in time, they do serve a useful purpose ( defending freedom of speech etc.). I do not like limiting freedom - if they were banned it would make them feel right. Expose them but do not ban them

  • Sunspot

    **MLM--Multi Level marketing.Attributed to P.T.Barnum the world's most famous MLM showman and geek:"there's a sucker born every minute".

    Thanks, Danny!



  • josephus

    yup id do one thing for sure.

    id make every religion that tried to preach to others give out an equally attractive leaflet arguing against you.

    kinda like cigarettes.


  • minimus

    JWs LOVE to feel they are persecuted against. They LOVE praying for their brothers and their persecutors! I believe the Russians should allow the JWs to do their thing.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    I really dont see the argument for them being deceptive. Most of their damage is done by promoting doctrines then replacing them. In real life JWs don't do much of anything besides door nock and get pissed of the effects of believeing stupid things.

    I dont see the mass conspiracy maybe it is because I was born in it. Can anyone explain the trick?

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