How do we protect the abuser?

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    But if their was no witnesses to what happened I would be angry and want to kill the person but with out proof what do the elders do

    If a child tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease would that be enough proof?

    If a child had to be treated at a hospital for injuries suffered during the abuse, would that be enough proof?

    If a child can describe oral sex, anal sex or even describe the taste of semen in intimate and graphic detail, would that be enough proof?

    Realize the vast majority of child abuse cases that are successfully prosecuted, and the offender is imprisoned, are not the result of eyewitnesses who saw it happen.

    Realize as well that for the Society's standard to be accurate, it would require two adults standing and watching a child being raped. That would mean they could not stop it, as then there would be no rape. I was told that by a circuit overseer, who also told me that I would be disfellowshipped unless I "shut up".

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl


    Unfortunately, that is not always the case. I am an avid supporter of Silent Lambs, Link, and Snap-Up. There are usually not two observers to a case of child sexual abuse. It happens often. It is said that 1 in every 4 girls are abused, and 1 of every 6 boys are abused, sexually, by the time they are 18 years old. That's a very high number. 1 is a high number.

    There *are* instances when a child will name a relative or friend as a sexual abuser, and that abuse has not taken place. Of that, there is no doubt. However, usually children under 10 do not do this because they are unaware of the "mechanics" of the law. They do not realize what allegations such as these will mean to their family. They are often not aware of what will happen if they report it. Such children are often threatened with the loss of their mother/father/family if they tell, so they are quite scared. Oftentimes, they actually do *not* report it for fear they will lose their family. They actually don't realize it until MUCH later.

    However, when Dateline aired, the elder <Bill Bowen, who was, in fact, an elder at the time of the call> called headquarters, at their direction, and asked about a case of child molestation in his congregation. The advice of the elder in New York was "walk away from it. Jehovah will take care of it." If you don't believe me that he received this direction from the Society, you can see the clip at That said it all for me. It only shows their lax attitude toward child molestation. Another thing that really clinched it for me was when they followed a known abuser out in service. What the heck are they doing letting known and convicted child molesters go door to door? That's CRAZY!

    Fortunately, I don't think I'd be as generous as you when attributing human characteristics to this organization. At least the Catholic church is acknowledging its problem and is trying to correct it by having open and honest conferences with the survivors, and paying out settlements, and trying to make its image a litle bit better. You cannot see that with the JW's. They are arrogant, stubborn and willful, something that should NOT be seen with an organization that touts itself as the mouthpiece of God.

    God wouldn't ask that children be sacrificed to pedophiles while waiting on his just judgment. I like an old saying "God helps those that help themselves." That's a favorite in my book. You are saying that God will take care of it eventually, so let'sjust forget about it. I'm saying that we should Do something about it. I'm saying that ALL of the United States should require that people that suspect or even for a minute think that child sexual abuse should report, should. Are you saying, ethically, that they shouldn't even though, morally, they should? That's what the JW's response to Bill's call told me. If you don't have to report it, don't. The less media coverage, the better.

    Sorry.. my mission in life is to save ONE child.. and if I can save ONE child that is what my life was worth.

    Country Girl

  • ????

    Jehovah Witnesses disfellowship members for the following: Smoking,sex before...........the list is very long

    Why would we disfellowship a brother or sister or elder or MS etc. for these things but at the same time keep and protect child abusers it makes no sence. Why would we do this ? to keep members ? if thats the case lets change all the rules and kick out the child abusers and keep the many thousands that get disfellowshiped each year for these other things!

  • Elsewhere
    Why would we do this ?

    To "protect jehovah's name".

    Basically they want to look good to the world so they hide their dirty laundry.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Due to their low opinion of females,

    to preserve the few remaining men left in the org to help run the joint

    Old fashioned patriarchial society thinking

    to "keep hobers organization clean

    because thats what "christendom does, and we are different"

    Heck, who knows? Why are you asking us to make excuses for YOUR religion? You all certainly don't care for any other opinions we hold about you all.

    What is more important is,,, why do YOU think they do it?

  • ????

    Big tex, in the "elders book" proof can be some of those things ie: if a woman gets prego thats proof their was sex.

  • ????

    Little witch, I though you wouldn't talk to me because i was someone else.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Please point out where I stated I would not talk to you....

  • bikerchic

    little witch:


    IP Addy's be danged...I know what I know.....but will leave off with the accusations.

    I will also boldly answer the obvious in my usual way.....with the facts as I see 'em.

    Please do...........I've checked the facts and you aren't seeing them the way I can. They aren't the same person. You can take your argument with gdt and ???? to email or PM you might be able to find out more to satisfy your suspensions that way.


  • BluesBrother

    When I first started using the net and I found accusations of Child Abuse among the Witnesses, I just did not believe it.. That was so unreal "It just had to be made up by people with a chip on their shoilder" so I thought. I even got criticised on here for saying so.

    Since then I have come to the sad realisation that this 'brotherhood' that I used to love, has indeed allowed perverts to practise their evil wickedness within the flock.

    "???" There are just too many seperate and unconnected people telling the same story . Yes it is true. Have you seen the BBC 'Panorama' news programme? Or the numerous American ones, or any of the similar programmes made by respected broadcasters in many parts of the world. Check the evidence. An honest person will have to admit that it is overwhelming.

    I am sure it was not the Society's intention , but they have been negligent to the point of criminality And they certainly have on many occassions discouraged the victims families from turning to the protection of the law... The whole thing still chokes me, but I have to accept that it is a real problem

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