Those big bad Bible Students

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  • minimus

    see page 1 of this thread thatr you never acknowledged for my answer.

  • RR
    You've got to be kidding, right? ...The time of the end in 1799, the testimony of God's stone witness and prophet, the great pyramid in Egypt and what it pictures, the time of the harvest from 1874 to 1914, 6000 years from Adam ended in 1872, the beginning of the Gentile Times in 606 bce, etc...

    Mini, I don't have a problem with these dates. Why don't you study volums 2 and 3 and refute it, then get back to me. RR

  • Kenneson


    Well, he's not as new born as I imagined!

  • minimus

    So, you think 1799 started the "time of the end"? 1872 ended 60000 yrs. of man? 606 bc began the Gentile Times?.....You're an elder---You prove it! You can't prove anything, RR. You spread false information and are as guilty as Jehovah's Witnesses in their spreading of false prophecy.

  • RR

    I don't need to prove it, miniman. Read Volumes 2 and 3 and disprove it. You probably don't even know what Russell taught on these dates!!!


  • gumby

    It's ALL right here. Same rubbish.....different day. No offence RR.......but I agree with Minimus ( did I just say that?)


  • RR

    This will be my last post on thsi thread. All you have done is make claims that you have not substantiated with any proof. So where is the actual refutation on these two books? where?


  • hillary_step


    Thank you for your candid answers to my question.

    Well at least the Bible Students, at least from what you tell us, do not enforce beliefs in its chronological interpretation of dates on pains of disfellowshipping. They, at least from what you tell us, allow dissension and public disagreement with their basic doctrines. As long as this happens, imho, a Bible Student can believe anything that they want within the law, however foolish it may seem to others. I do not see them as a dangerous movement like the WTS, exactly for the above reasons.

    I would however, be very interested to hear how the Bible Students deal with the the evolution and creation issue. It is a *fact* that man has lived on this earth for longer than the chronological parameters allowed by the Book of Genesis. How do the Bible Students confront a science which disagrees with the Bible? Do they attempt to side-step the issue as does the WTS, or do they have a policy?

    Best regards - HS

  • DocBob
    If you have moved so far beyond where you were that you cannot or will not reach back and help those who are where you were, you may have missed the object of the exercise.

    I'm not exercising Doc. Those gettogethers can serve a purpose in the beginning, but eventually they turn into a joke. A place to hang out, a social club.

    I guess I did not explain myself well. Let me try again.

    The "excercise" I was talking about was our time as JWs. I believe that there is an object or reason for whatever we experience in life. If we fail to discern the "object of the exercise" of any given experience, that experience is wasted. I learned a lot of valuable lessons as a result of being, and now not being a JW. I firmly believe that the lessons I learned during those years

    I agree with you that gatherings of former JWs serve a purpose at the beginning. I assume you mean at the beginning of your journey out of the WT. That being the case, the purpose of attending those gatherings is to receive information and support that will help the receiver to continue their journey out of the WT. But if everyone who leaves the WT goes to one or two of those gatherings and receives the needed information and support and then "get's a life" and doesn't go to any more of them, who is there to give the information and support to the next generation of people leaving the WT?

    I feel that as former JWs, and especially as former elders who helps perpetuate the WT system, we have an obligation to do what we can to help those who are still in to leave and to support those who are leaving and who have left. Think what would have happened - or not have happened - if people like Ray Franz, William Schnell, Bill and Joan Cetnar, Jim Penton, Bill Bowen, Joe and Barb Anderson, Kent Steinhaug, Norm Hovland, Jan Haugland, Joey Stagnitto, Jan Groenveld, Simon and countless others had just left and "gotten a life". You and I and many others might still be POW's (Prisoners of the Watchtower).

    If you go to gatherings of former JWs with the thought that they are a joke, a hangout, a social club, that's all they will be and it's just as well you don't go to them. I would guess there are some people who go to their Kingdom Halls or churches or even Bible Student gatherings who also see it as no more than a joke, a hangout or a social club.

    But if you look at gatherings like WNFJ or BRCI as an opportunity to give back what you received in the way of information and support that you received on your way out of the WT, they are no longer just a joke, a hangout or a social club. They are what you make them.

    Having said all that, I realize that some are called to that sort of activity and some are not. If you are not, that is fine.

  • hillary_step


    An excellent post and one which clearly identifies why many of us still feel a sense of responsibility toward those still Jehovah's Witnesses, even though many of us have left their teachings, or for that fact any religious 'teachings', far behind us.

    Many thanks - HS

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