What are Americans taught about U.S and what do you really believe?

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  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    Badger: "...Americans have a great desire for "local control" of schools."

    Dosn't the local control and funding of schools also mean each area gets the best school it can AFFORD? Meaning that children born in a poor area (umm... Flint, Michigan?) who attend a badly funded school are more likely to have a much more limited chance of 'success' (whatever that is) than a child born in a rich area with the best of everything at school?

    Dosn't deliberatly giving some kids a much, much better resourced education just on the basis of where their parents live go against the ideal of America being a country of opportunity for all where anyone can be President or a millionaire? It seems more like an entreched, partly self-imposed caste system.

    I'm interested.

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